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CARLA Bellucci dazzled her fans (and haters) with her £6,000 engagement ring when long-term partner Giovanni popped the question during their £8k holiday to Dubai in May.

But any guests hoping to attend the wedding better have their cheque books ready as the mum-of-four prepares for a no expenses spared bash – much of it funded by her own guests.

Carla, who earned the title of Britain’s most hated woman after faking depression to blag a free nose job from the NHS, has already asked her 50 guests to contribute £100 each towards her nuptials in July next year.

Attendees will also be expected to fork out for flights to Cape Verde where the wedding will take place as well as a couple of night’s stay at the five star all-inclusive Hilton.

But if the budget was already looking tight, guests are in for a shock as the self-confessed bridezilla is asking for a gift of £500 from each guest, a total worth of £25,000 – a cost Carla believes is more than justified.

Carla, 40, who lives with Giovanni and her three youngest children, Tanisha, 17, Jayden, 15, and nine-month-old Blue, near Hitchin in Hertfordshire says: “I am spending all this money on the party of a lifetime for my guests so I expect some compensation in return – £500 to be exact.

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“I can’t trust guests to get me exactly what I want so I’d never rely on a registry – I want cold hard cash.

“I’ve got my eyes set on either Bali or the Maldives for my Honeymoon  so I am going to need to cough up thousands for that. I don’t want to end up in Blackpool let’s face it.

“They better start saving now because they’ve got their flights and hotel to cover too and rooms at the hotel don’t come cheap – I reckon they’ll be spending a couple of grand each.

“But what do they expect? The wedding day is on me, they’ve got to contribute to something. 

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“It’ll all be worth it when they see me getting married, it will be far more entertaining than any West End show.”

There’s no doubt that her guests will be treated to a spectacle, with Carla already splashing thousands to ensure her wedding is one of a kind.

“We’re getting married on the beach and I will be arriving on a white horse so all eyes will be on me,” she says.

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“Champagne will be flowing and there will be fireworks on the beach after – it’s going to be a circus, make no mistake about that.

“It’s a wedding that everyone will want a ticket to.”

And for those who don’t turn up, the bride is charging them a penalty fee.

“I will be charging anyone who doesn’t turn up £250 because that’s just not on,” she says.

I can’t trust guests to get me exactly what I want so I’d never rely on a registry – I want cold hard cash.

“If you don’t turn up to an appointment then you get a fee, why should a wedding be any different?

“Not that I think anyone would dare not show up.”

But if you think that guests have got a hefty bill, spare a thought for Carla’s bridesmaids. 

“I want my hen to be in Vegas so I reckon that will be around £1,500 each,” she says.

“Vegas is like my second home – somebody mentioned taking a yacht around Mykonos but I don’t fancy that – I’d only get seasick.”

Carla, who is also hoping to secure a £50,000 magazine deal, says she anticipates uproar when she heads off to her honeymoon without her youngest Blue-Gianna, who will be just one.

“We will probably go on our honeymoon for about three weeks because it is such a long way,” she says.

I will be charging anyone who doesn’t turn up £250 because that’s just not on.

“I will be sending my kids packing off to my mums but they wouldn’t want to come anyway. 

“I think it’d be wrong for me to take them on the honeymoon, it’d be so weird.”

Carla’s engagement ring cost £6,000 and she’s already ordered a made to measure princess wedding dress costing a further £6,000 – though true to form she’s managed to get a bargain and haggled to get 15 per cent off.

It’s Carla’s love for a bargain that led to her being dubbed the most hated woman in Britain. 

She admitted on This Morning that she wanted a nose job but didn’t want to pay thousands of pounds for it.

At the time she said, “I’d been to a Harley Street surgeon and they quoted me £7,000 for a nose job, but there was nothing really wrong with it, it was just a tiny bit wonky, so that seemed a lot of money. 

“I’m good at blagging stuff so I thought I would chance it and see if I could get a free one. I couldn’t believe it actually worked.”

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