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DESIGNING the resting space of your dreams can give you more nightmares than a peaceful slumber. 

Luckily, Gareth Coxall, Marketing and Creative Director at Terrys, a British fabric brand known for providing the best selection of home furnishings, spoke exclusively to Fabulous about the simple tweaks you can make to your bedroom to exude luxury and relaxation, without spending hundreds of pounds.

Navy and stone is the new white

Gareth said: “With Google reporting ‘quiet luxury’ as a breakout trend, the bedding aesthetic going into autumn/winter revolves around a timeless, neutral palette, natural textures, and quality fabrics. 

“Think crisp white cotton sheets – high thread counts are a must. If white isn’t practical for you, choose a classic shade like navy or stone to convey the tasteful vibe integral to ‘quiet luxury.’” 

If you need inspiration, Gareth revealed the “most popular bedding colours purchased by Terrys' customers are blue, green, and grey, with white the fourth most popular shade”. 

He explained: “This is likely because highly-pigmented fabrics show marks less easily than white, and those shades are incredibly popular – featuring in the vast majority of UK homes.”


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Stripes will always be classic

Gareth commented: “In terms of pattern, subtlety is key. Stripes and borders will always convey classic, luxury sensibility but white-on-white detailing works, too.

There isn’t a certain colour or pattern of bedding that looks inherently ‘cheap’ – all shades and designs can look amazing if chosen wisely! 

“If your bedroom features a whole spectrum of colours, consider a bedding shade to match one of the other central colours, so as to encourage a little more aesthetic coherence. 

“Should the bedroom be entirely white, choose a bold pattern or hue to take centre stage. 

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“Matthew Williamson’s latest range is testament to the fact that bright, extravagant design doesn’t equate to ‘tacky’ – rather it speaks to a design aesthetic that leans into embellishment and flamboyant colour, a more ‘loud luxury’ approach if you will.

“For ‘quiet luxury’ the opposite aesthetic approach should be adopted to achieve rich, luxurious interiors – stick to calmer, more neutral shades of bedding.”

Nature has the answer

When looking for a colour that will make your bedroom feel relaxing, Gareth said: This is entirely a personal preference and depends on what you want from your bedroom. 

“Should you want to create a quiet oasis of calm, choose whites and neutrals to achieve that spa-like vibe. 

“For those who find whites too clinical, opt for warm tones like earthy pinks, burnt oranges and olive greens, to echo the shades found in nature. 

“Being enveloped in colour as you drift off can be just as comforting as sleeping in the equivalent of a blank canvas.”

Choose the fabric carefully

Gareth said: “Choose quality materials to ensure you’re not let down by fading, bobbling or shrinkage. 

“Some fabrics will naturally last longer than others, like polycotton – which combines the breathability of cotton with the hard-wearing nature of polyester. 

“Textural waffle bedding sets typically last brilliantly, but silks and satins will require greater care. 

“You can help protect bedding by using a mild detergent and washing on a gentle cycle – there’s rarely any need for harsh chemicals, which can actually degrade fabric and cause skin irritation.”

Add textured accessories

The interior design expert revealed: “Objects d’art will always exude luxury – what could look more expensive than items with no discernable function? 

“Aesthetes will recognise the design appeal of original artworks (but reproductions will do nicely), beautiful lamps, sculptures and vases of fresh flowers. 


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“Richly textured accessories like velvet scatter cushions, soft rugs and a woven throw draped artfully over the foot of the bed or armchair bring decadence to the bedroom, with the added bonus of actually serving a purpose.” 

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