I’m a fashion expert in my 50s – how to give yourself an ‘instant facelift’ to look younger using contour makeup | The Sun

ACCORDING to one fashion expert and model, you don't need to shell out big bucks for a facelift.

The style pro shared an easy makeup trick she uses to look younger in seconds, and it might contradict a beauty rule you've heard before.

When Charlene Harreveld returned to modeling after a 25-year hiatus, she joined TikTok, too.

Now, she shares style and beauty tips with 15.5k followers on the platform, using the handle Fashion Meets Fifty.

Using TikTok, Harreveld puts her model know-how to work, sharing tips "to show women of all ages how they can look and feel their best."

Her instant facelift hack might be aimed at women in their 50s, but anyone can use the trick to look younger and more awake.


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In the clip Harreveld posted, she showed herself about to put bronzer in the hollow under her cheek, but then stopped and shook her head.

"Don't put your contour under your cheekbone," Harreveld warned.

Though putting contour products under the cheekbone to "carve out" the face is common, it's not the right move if you want a youthful, lifted look.

Instead, Harreveld went for a different spot and added clever layering.

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You don't need any special tools to replicate the look at home. Just use your favorite bronzer, blush, and blending brush or sponge.

Lengthening her face to pull the skin taut, Harreveld applied bronzer lightly to the tops of her cheeks.

"Put it on your cheekbone, and put your blush over that," the model instructed.

Once she'd blended the warm bronzer into her skin, she added a pink-toned blush.

She added the warm blush to the apples of her cheeks and carried it up her face, almost to her temples.

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The result was what Harreveld called an "instant facelift."

Smiling into the camera, Harreveld showed off her full cheeks and bright skin, all thanks to the makeup change-up.

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