I'm a gentle parent & never punish son for bad behaviour – mums need to pay more attention to what kids are telling you

DESPITE our best efforts to always keep a cool head with the kids, sometimes we can't help but snap – and we're definitely not alone in this.

But rather than scolding kids for acting up, TikTok star Laura Love – who is a fan of "gentle parenting" – is urging other mums to look closer at their bad behaviour.

In a viral video that's racked up over two MILLION "likes", Laura filmed a mess her youngest son Jonah had made.

She explained: "In a situation like this where a child has poured out an entire drink on something like a toy shelf, a lot of parents would instinctively yell at their kid."

Listing some of the "shaming" comments parents turn to, Laura urged people not to ask things like "why would you do that" or tell them "you know better".

The mum continued: "They'd probably give them an unrelated punishment such as take away their tablet for the day."

Instead, the mum asked her 2.7m followers to look a little closer at their own behaviour.


She added: "Looking at this from a gentle parenting perspective, there's probably more to it than that.

"Is it really a toddler's fault who has no impulse control at this age or is it the parent's fault for leaving the coffee accessible in the first place?"

Explaining how "every behaviour is communicating a need", the mum said that Jonah's mess indicated to her that he is ready to "explore pouring".

Avoiding the word "punishment", she added: "So I gave a related consequence which is cleaning up the mess which he automatically does anyway and next I explained to him why he can't be pouring out coffee."

The next time Jonah wants to play with drinks, Laura told him to ask to "pour please."

"After that I gave him a pouring activity so he can safely explore that in a way that is acceptable," the mum said.

That said, parents in the comments doubted how realistic this approach is for day-to-day life.

One replied: "I appreciate some parents have the patience for this but 99 per cent don't have the time or mental capacity."

Another added: "If they do it on purpose, they need to understand that it's not okay.

"I always tell my kids that accidents happen but let's be more careful in the future."

What's more, the mum went viral earlier this year when she revealed she lets her two sons under the age of three COOK for themselves.

In one clip which has racked up over 474,000 views, the American mum explained how her three-year-old began making his own food when he was just 14 months old.

She said: "Thousands of people ask us how I got my three-year-old started with cooking and how we make sure that he's safe.

"We taught him about kitchen safety from the moment he started cooking in the kitchen – which was around 14 months."

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