I’m a hairdresser and people ALWAYS wash their hair wrong – and there’s one area they always miss

WASHING your hair may seem like a fairly simply task, but it sounds like there's a fair few of us who haven't quite mastered it yet.

One former hairdresser is lifting the lid on the correct way to freshen up your locks and surprisingly, there's one area that plenty of people always miss.

TikTok user @kamikirschbaum decided to school her social media followers on the art of hair washing and revealed the correct technique to ensure your hair gets the thorough washing it deserves.

"There’s honestly such an art to hair washing but we will start here," she revealed as she demonstrated what not do before sharing the best technique.

The hairdresser shared that just rubbing shampoo all over your head isn't going to clean your hair.

"Do not wash your hair like this, just rubbing shampoo in and hoping for the best. It will leave your hair super dirty," she explained.

Instead, the key is scrubbing your scalp with your fingertips.

"Wash like this," she said. "Use your fingertips to scrub that scalp. I always wash 2-3 times til I feel everything is squeaky clean."

And pointing out the common mistake people always make, she stressed that you always need to scrub the underneath of your hair and not just on top.

"You have to get underneath. This is the most forgotten part," she revealed.

The hairdresser's video racked up over one million views online, with hundreds of people commenting on her post.

While some were already clued up on the correct way to wash their hair, other confessed that they were guilty of not doing right.

One person commented: "I thought everybody washed their hair the second way?" to which the hairdresser replied: "Girl if onlyyyy."


Another said: "Is this not common knowledge?"

A third confessed: "For everyone else hiding because you do it the first way, you're safe with me. I do it that way too."

One more revealed they were having difficulty with the correct method as it left their hair in knots.

"It makes my hair practically un-brushable though. I wish someone could wash my hair for me everyday," they posted, with the hairdresser advising to use a hair mask afterwards to help detangle.

Another person revealed: "It's the only way I wash my hair. About 20 yrs ago my hairdresser taught me that and only wash twice a week."

One more shared: "Embarrassed but I literally recently learned how to wash my hair… at 25… from TikTok. Feels so much better now."

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