I’m a homes expert – the clever hack that makes changing the sheets SO much easier with no flapping around | The Sun

THERE'S nothing worse than getting hot and bothered changing the sheets – especially when the weather is as warm as it has been.

And while there have been countless hacks over the years all claiming to make the process easier, one home expert says she's found one that actually does.

Anna Louisa took to TikTok to share the clever trick, and went through it step by step in a slower video on her page.

"First you need to lay your duvet cover on your bed inside out with your duvet laid on top," she began.

"Once the corners are all lined up, you roll them all the way down to the bottom."

Then you get to the "tricky part", as she called it.

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"You bring the outer layer of the duvet cover round and over, tucking it all in," she continued.

"You do this on both the corners and then all the way along so it kind of resembles a burrito.

"You then slowly roll it back out and that’s it."

"Ok so this is sooo much easier!! Who else has tried it??" she captioned her video.

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"Thank you going to try it tomorrow!" one person commented.

To which Anna replied: "You’re welcome – practise a few times and then it becomes really easy."

"NO WAY!! I need to try this," someone else added.

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"My mum taught me this years ago…it's her hack for changing duvet covers," a third wrote.

"I wish my mum had taught me this years ago! It makes it so much easier," Anna responded.

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