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A CLEANING whizz has shared her simple tricks to stop pesky ants and flies from coming into your home.

So if you are fed up with insects entering your home without your permission, you’ll need to listen up and pay attention. 

Lynsey Crombie, also known as TV’s Queen of Clean, recently took to social media to share her quick and easy hacks that will keep unwanted insects at bay.

She explained: “Three simple ways to stop ants and flies coming into your home.”

The first method involves using talcum powder.

Lynsey advised: “Use talc around the entrances to create a barrier for ants.”

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If you don’t have any talcum powder, you can pick up a bottle from many supermarkets.

From Asda, you can nab talcum powder for just £1.50.

Not only this, but Lynsey also advised using lemons to keep ants at bay.

She added: “Mix together lemon and water spray and dab on your door frames to deter pesky flies. They hate citrus.”

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Finally, cinnamon can also be used to stop unwelcome ants from coming into your space.

Lynsey continued: “Use cinnamon neat to deter flies. It is so overpowering they will fly away.”

Not only this, but if you are sitting outside, Lynsey encouraged: “Lastly, when eating outside, use a fly fan.”

Lynsey later explained: “There are lots more tips and tricks that you can try, but I do find that these three are the most effective.”

In addition to this, the cleaning expert then revealed: Mint plants are also another favourite of mine on the window sill or just outside the door.”

She also shared: “Ensure you empty your bins and keep them nice and clean and spillage free.”

Lynsey’s TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @lynsey_queenofclean, has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed almost 10,000 views. 

One person said: “Been using lemon spray for years on frames and doors.”

And it’s not just tips to deter ants that Lynsey has recently shared.

The cleaning whizz previously revealed her top tips and tricks to stop your shoes from smelling this summer too. 

According to Lynsey: “Smelly shoes and trainers are a common problem, especially in the warmer months.”

She then explained her “top tips to deodorise them.”

First of all, she sprayed dry hair shampoo into her trainers.

The second tip saw her pop a tea bag into each shoe.

Finally, the last hack saw her sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda into the shoes.

Similarly, she also said that you could add the bicarbonate of soda to an old pair of tights and then cut and tie them to make little parcels to put in your shoes.

Lynsey explained that the “above three tips work the best” to get rid of gross smells, but she also shared some other “old school methods you can try too.”

She then advised placing your shoes into a large resealable bag and putting it in the freezer overnight.

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Not only this, but she also recommended adding cat litter to shoes to stop any nasty smells.

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