I’m a redhead in construction – I showed a day in my life and women want to know where my pink hard hat’s from | The Sun

A REDHEADED construction worker has taken viewers with her to a day at work.

She showed off her on-the-clock style, causing people to ask about her pink hard hat.

Danie Gooch (@daniegooch) showed herself all dressed up for a day on the job in a video posted to TikTok.

"Come to work with me," read text over the mirror selfie, specifying she works in construction.

Upon arrival at her job, she showed herself having a cup of coffee in front of the computer.

"Coffee and emails to start the day," she said.

Danie did not forget to bring food with her to the office, showing herself having a small breakfast.

Next, she showed large cardboard boxes in a warehouse.

"Take in deliveries," she said.

The redheaded beauty showed herself walking to the jobsite with a pink hard hat in tow.

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She made sure to bring along a little something for the hardworking men.

"The lads needed mugs for tea breaks," she said, "So I picked pretty pink ones."

She revealed her colleagues working hard on the jobsite.

"Checked they'e all working and got some social media content," she said.

On her way back to the office she picked up another cup of coffee to work on the rest of her tasks.

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"Where did you get your pink hat?" one asked. "I need one for when I’m on site."

"The pink helmet is everything," another added. "I need it, I don’t even work in construction."

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