I'm a teaching assistant…my four-year-olds always say the same things to me and no, they really aren’t flattering | The Sun

A TEACHING assistant has gone viral after revealing the comments her four-year-old students always tell her – and they're not the most flattering.

We all know that kids have no filter – they will say whatever they want whenever they want without much thought.

And no one knows this better than Olivia Norton, a 19-year-old teaching assistant, who took it to TikTok to give a little glimpse of what it's like working with young children.

In the now viral video, which has racked up a whopping 1.4 million views in just one day, the blonde stunner danced, as she revealed the things her three to four-year-old pupils tell her.

Posing in dark sunnies and showing off her best dance moves, Olivia said that kids would often approach her and ask for help.

''Mrs Norton, please can you wipe my bum?''

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It's no secret that those who work with children also become close to them – and some will even see teachers as their friends.

Olivia is no exception and is certainly liked by a few of her students.

According to her, they will invite her over: ''Do you want to come to my house for tea?''

Others, she revealed, are more curious about her true identity.

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''What's your real name?'' they'd wonder.

''Do you have a boyfriend? Are you going to get married?'' the children would also try to find out.

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However, things would take a pretty sharp turn the second the students decided to entertain themselves and play a game.

''I've just shot you, now you're dead,'' someone would say out of nowhere.

But that's nothing to what the teacher had saved for last – which she thought was the ''best'' of the bunch.

Here, one of the young children would promise Olivia: ''I'm going to kill you one day…''

Viewers were in hysterics and many fellow teachers took it to comments to share their experiences.

''One of them told me he’d poisoned my food and if I ate it I’d die,'' revealed one.

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''the amount of birthday party/sleepover invites i get a day makes me feel very loved,'' a second wrote.

Amongst the top comments was one that read: ''And “You don’t have a mummy or daddy your to old”.''

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