I’m already preparing for Christmas NEXT YEAR – here’s what you should do now to save stress & money

MOST of us are still recovering from Christmas 2021, but this savvy organiser is already ten steps ahead and prepping for next year's festive season.

As much as mum-of-one Sophie Petruccio-Hall loves to be organised though, saving some pennies is high on her priority list too, and shopping now for 2022 saves her time, stress and money.

The 31-year-old from Nottingham shares her budget-friendly tips and tricks on her YouTube account Super Scrimping Soph.

And now, the cleaning and organising obsessed Sophie has shared with Fabulous some handy tips that'll help you get organised for 2022.

In fact, she reckons there are some things we should all be doing now that'll help take the stress out of Christmas next year.

So get your pen and paper ready and start taking notes because we can all learn from this.

"Christmas can be an overwhelming time of year especially if you are on a budget," she says.

"Here's how you can be organised and actually enjoy the run up to Christmas and not have that last-minute present dash panic."

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Set yourself a budget… from now

It's easy to spend big at the end of the year but the first step is to set a budget, Sophie says, and start putting aside money now.

"My number one go-to is to save £10 a week for the whole year, and depending on when you start your Christmas shopping you will have around £400-£500," she advised.

"This is obviously just an example and you could alter what you save to suit your lifestyle."

And adds: "The Christmas season can be quite daunting and scary but if you're organised, you will most definitely enjoy it."

Start buying now (seriously)

We know, we know, we're still recovering from all the Christmas Day shenanigans.

But just after Christmas is the perfect time to stock up on festive bits.

"You can get all your wrapping paper, Christmas cards and stocking fillers in the sales," Sophie suggests.

And the best part is that they'll be heavily discounted so you'll never have to pay full price.

Start collecting jars and tins

The mum-of-one reckons tins old jars with lids are perfect to make hand-made gifts which will not only save you money but it means having a fun craft day with the family too.

"Throughout the year collect old jars and tins (anything with a lid on) wash them out and save them," she says.

"Set a date maybe towards the end of November and have a festive creative day."

Sophie says she makes sweet gift hampers and in it she'll usually include Syrups, Candles, Infused Gin, Chutneys, Curds & a Christmas decoration.

"I would spray paint the lids and tie ribbons around the jars. Making your own gift hampers is such a great and festive activity to do with your family and friends and it really doesn’t cost much money."

She also saves shoeboxes throughout the year and wraps them in wrapping paper.

"These are really effective and always go down a treat," she says.

Write a list… now

We all know the importance of writing a list, but don't leave it until December 2022 to do it.

Sophie reckons you should write a list of people you'll be buying for next year and when you see a gift throughout the year you can pick it up and cross that person off.

Another thing to note is to know "exactly what you want to buy before Black Friday".

Sophie says: "You can get so many good discounts and offers. So set yourself a goal to have your Christmas shopping completed by Black Friday weekend."

Plan your food and book ahead

Ok, so you don't have to plan and book your Christmas food now, but by October, you should have planned and ordered your Christmas Day menu, according to Sophie.

"When the slots become available write this in your diary. You won’t be disappointed and you will guarantee a good slot," she said.

It also takes the stress out of finding what you need last-minute – and you won't have to battle the supermarket aisles just days before Christmas.

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