I'm fed up of my neighbour always being in the garden when I'm trying to relax – trolls think I'm the one in the wrong | The Sun

A WOMAN who vented about her neighbour always being in the garden when she's trying to relax has been slammed by trolls for being unreasonable.

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet and explained how she lives in a row of new build terraces which have tiny gardens, meaning everyone can see and hear everything if they're outside.

In the post, which she admitted was "more of a rant," she continued: "We do try and give each other a bit of privacy."

"Someone has friends over in the garden we don't mow the tiny patch of grass. I won't be putting my washing up if I hear next door having breakfast outside."

All except my neighbour who is outside every time I am, doing s***ing "jobs"."

She went on to claim that even as she was writing her angry post, she could hear the fence rattling as her neighbour put on a second coat of paint which was "flicking through the fence and over my plants."


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She added: "I've had to come in from reading my book."

"The annoying bit is that she doesn't work and I do. So I can only be in the garden weekends whereas she could be do stuff all week."

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"She was in B& Q on bank holiday Monday moaning how busy it was too, duh, do you think?"

"I think she feels gardening is something you do at the weekends and garden centres are for bank holidays."

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But if the woman assumed social forum users would be full of sympathy for her situation, she thought wrong.

"It is her garden. This is your issue," wrote one.

A second commented: "Yes yabu. You can't restrict other people's use of their own gardens."

You must have known that you would see/hear your neighbours when you bought a terrace with overlooked garden."

A third agreed: "If you want to play hide and seek with your neighbours, it's up to you."

Most normal people realise they could spend 24 hours a day in their own garden without having to give their neighbours a second thought."

Meanwhile, another quipped: "

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She can do what she wants in her garden at any time. It's odd that you'd expect her to stop doing what she wants because you're there."

If you want complete privacy in your garden then buy somewhere that isn't overlooked."

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