Love Island’s Hannah Elizabeth says Big Brother voice shouts at stars in villa

Love Island star Hannah Elizabeth revealed there is a Big Brother voice inside the villa where ITV bosses can shout at the stars for breaking the rules.

The OnlyFans model – who appeared on the first series of the hugely popular ITV2 dating show – explained how telly bosses regularly keep in touch with the contestants on the show through a booming voice blasted throughout the Spanish mansion.

Loyal viewers will remember the blonde bombshell for becoming the first contestant to have sex on the raunchy reality show with her partner Jon Clark back in 2015.

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But the 32-year-old explained how the Islanders were often shouted at by ITV bosses during their time on the show whenever they broke the rules by naming and shaming them with the booming voice played through speakers across the entire house.

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Speaking exclusively to Daily Star during a Facebook Live stream, the former Playboy bunny explained how residents attempted to pull the wool over the producer's eyes on the show completely unaware of the hundreds of cameras watching their every move at all times.

She revealed: "So, you know the villa has a Big Brother voice in and it talks to you all the time but they don’t show it on the telly.

“So, they’ll be like, ‘Morning Islanders can you put your mics on please?’ or if someone’s in bed they’ll be like, ‘Hannah, can you get out of bed’.

“They’ll shout at you for doing things, like people will try and take their mic off and whisper and [ITV bosses] will shout straight in.”

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Hannah went on to recall how she fell sick while on the show and was forced to self-isolate in the Hideaway for 24 hours where bosses would regularly check in with her throughout the day.

She confessed: “One of the weirdest memories for me was when I got quite sick in there it was like a bug or something that I got.

“So they put me into the sex room, the Hideaway, they put me into there because they had to isolate me from the rest of the villa otherwise if everyone got sick they wouldn’t have a show, would they?

“I just remember lying in this bed, I had three cameras pointing on me, I had no phone, no TV, nothing”.

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As she confessed her uneventful Hideaway experience, the blonde bombshell recalled how she felt intimidated by the loud voice that flooded her room.

The TV star went on: “I was just lying in this bed and this voice would just come through, ‘Hello lovie, how are you feeling? Do you want some toast?’

“It was mad. They would just bring you toast in or whatever, but I was just lying in the bed going, ‘I don’t feel well’ and they were like, ‘Okay lovie, we’ll bring in some pain killers or whatever.

“The next day when I went in, obviously because you don’t know the time or anything, a day feels like a year and by the time I went in I'd missed so much drama, so much stuff had happened.”


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