I’m four months pregnant & trolls tell me it’s inappropriate to wear the viral SKIMS dress but I don't care | The Sun

A MUM-TO-BE has taken to TikTok after trolls told her it would be inappropriate to wear the viral SKIMS dress.

Pregnant TikToker Abbie Herbert posted a video defending herself from people saying she dresses inappropriately for someone who’s pregnant, arguing that she can dress however she likes. 

The video, which is captioned “I CAN WEAR WHATEVER I WANT & NEED THIS DRESS IN EVERY COLOR!!!”, has been watched over 3 million times, with many in the comments supporting her view.

Text on the video quotes one troll who told Abbie: “The SKIMS dress is not worth the hype plus ur pregnant & can’t wear it.”

Before switching to show Abbie wearing the dress, and showing off her blossoming baby bump.

And she’s seemingly gotten the approval of the brand itself, who commented “Gorgeous!” followed by a black heart.


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Other commenters also shared their support for Abbie’s fashion choices, with one writing: “Wear the sh*t out of that dress and smile at the ones who told you that you couldn’t. You look beautiful.”

“You can wear whatever you want! Why should other people speak for you??!? You are so pretty and rock that dress!!” added another.

While a third commented: “I love the dress on you! Don’t listen to negative things people say to bring you down, because you’re way better than those who are negative.”

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Others chimed in to tell her she looked “flawless” in the stylish dress.

Abbie isn’t the only TikToker to complain of trolls telling them they dress inappropriately.

At age 57, TikTok user Tami1231, says that she regularly has people complaining about her clothes and telling she needs to dress her age.

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In a video showing off some of her stylish looks she says: “Almost 57 years old and people tell me to dress my age. I don’t even know what that means,”

She continued: “I’m just going to keep being me. Be you know matter what age.”

Tami’s comment section also quickly filled up with support: “Wow, you look amazing I’m 50 hope I look that good at 57,” wrote one viewer.

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Another user said: “You ARE dressing your age. 57 is still young.”

“Girl you're my age and look damn good, some people just hate good-looking people!!” commented a third person.”

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