I’m plus-size – I tried Kim Kardashian’s Skims shapewear and I couldn’t even put it on | The Sun

FRUSTRATED and defeated, one plus-size shopper regrets making her Skims purchase.

YouTuber Miss Jemima had high expectations for the brand's famed shapewear, but not anymore after she couldn't put on one item.

Most customers are shocked when their Skims shapewear order arrives, and the item is minuscule.

But when the item fits, they're left in disbelief and satisfaction.

However, in Miss Jemima's experience, all she felt was a disappointment.

In her YouTube video, she opens up her recent Skims shapewear purchase and attempts to try it on but can't pull it past her knees.


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Miss Jemima changes into the Solution Short #2 for $42 in a 4X/5X.

One leg of the Solution Short is longer than the other because they were designed for clothing with a high slit.

Although she got a 4x/5x, she's usually a 3x.

Upon opening the package, she says: "What is this? There's no way. There's no way… a 4x/5x. Four, five seconds from wildin."

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Looking again at the Skims box, Miss Jemima realizes the 4x/5x dimensions aren't even her size.

Before trying the shorts on, she admits it took some convincing to get her to try Skims shapewear.

She's always been a Spanx girl, and after this failed haul, she still is.

"One thing I do want to say though: I was very pleased to see the color differentiations. There's something close to everyone's skin tone, and I appreciate that," she admits.

Miss Jemima looks down at the short and adds: "This is going to be a nightmare to get on, a nightmare."

She believes the butt outline is tiny, and the leg hole barely fits over her forearm.

And to make matters worse, she can't return the item after it's been "worn."

Nonetheless, Miss Jemima begins her attempt to put the shorts on.

"Is this really a 4x… I need to mentally prepare myself for this now because what the heck, this has to be a joke. This looks like it would fit someone that would be a six," she says.

Beaten down and exhausted, Miss Jemima pleads for her money back.

"This is a joke. The worst part is I actually had high expectations," she admits.

The shorts don't make it past her knees without forming a rip in the middle.

"This was a huge fail. Even with all that stretching, it doesn't even open up that much," Miss Jemima claims.

Viewers share the same frustration with Miss Jemima on a clothing company's misrepresentation of sizes.

I hate when a company labels something 4x or 5x that's really only a size 12, etc. (they created their own sizes). There is a US Standard sizing chart for a reason," one viewer wrote.

Another commenter said: "Thank you, pretty Lady, for this HONEST review. I am a curvy Woman myself and usually wear 3x. There is NO way that would fit me and they had it labeled to 4 to 5X."

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