I'm plus-size – my 'squishy bits' and cellulite are what makes me beautiful, I won't hide them away | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE Instagram influencer has urged her 15,600 followers to be a bit more like her.

Kate, who posts under FullPlateKate, is challenging attitudes toward large women and social constructs around female beauty.

Kate is unapologetically large and adores all of her curves. She has no time for body-haters and body-shamers.

She says: “Everybody is beautiful and worthy of love and respect."

Her Instagram platform – where she labels herself as your "self-love bestie" – features dozens of photographs of her posing in lingerie.

Kate captions another picture: "SOFT, SQUISHY AND STILL BEAUTIFUL.

"Your curves only make you cuter, your body is WONDERFUL."

Every inch of her body is worth celebrating, according to Kate. Even stretch marks.

“Celebrate your stretch marks!” she says. “I want to prove that stretch marks and cellulite are NORMAL & beautiful!”

Rather than hide them, get them out there, she says. “They are beautiful lightning bolts of history on your skin, you should be proud of them, not ashamed of them!”

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Through her social media platforms, Kate wants to challenge perceptions of female beauty and supposed "desirable" shapes.

“Your curves only make you cuter,” she says. “It's not a failure if your tummy isn't flat and your curves aren't ugly, they're wonderful.

Her positive affirmations are inspiring her followers, who love what they hear.

“You look magnificent," said one comment.

Followed by more compliments: “You look stunning.”

And there was more: "You look so beautiful girly,”

“You look a million bucks," was a comment typical of many,

And another wrote: “You look absolutely gorgeous.”

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