I've always wanted my eyes tattooed black and have finally got it done – I'm my mum's living nightmare but I love it | The Sun

SHE'S wanted her eyeballs tattooed black ever since she was a child.

So Darcy Diamond is unsurprisingly thrilled to have begun the process of fulfilling her childhood dream – despite what her nearest and dearest might think about it.

The tattooed model travelled to Miami to have Luna Cobra – the inventor of the eyeball tattoo – ink her right eye in early December.

Before she made the trip, she spoke to her family and friends about what she was going to have done.

And while her seven-year-old son was "absolutely obsessed" with the idea, her mum was less than impressed.

"The day after I got my right eye done, my mum said,'Can you please just have the one eye done? My biggest fear is blacked out eyes in my nightmares'," Darcy told us.

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"But I told her, 'No. I'm going to be your living nightmare'.

"She didn't think it was funny… I thought it was hilarious!"

Her mum was also worried that her sister's children would be scared of Darcy once she'd had the eye tattoo, but instead, they "bombarded" her with questions when she saw them over Christmas.

Darcy also found that a lot of people who had thought they weren't going to like it ended up "really liking" her new look.

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As for the process itself, Darcy was "beyond nervous" before having it done.

But she praised Luna's immense professionalism and kindness for helping her through her anxiety, and making it an enjoyable process.

In fact, actually having the tattoo itself was completely painless, Darcy said.

"There was no pain at all," she gushed.

"Him doing the procedure literally took like a quick 3 seconds!

"It was incredibly a wonderful experience and I can't wait to do my left eye since I know what to expect the next go around."

Despite what people might think about the tattooing process, Darcy added that she could see perfectly throughout, and said that her vision hasn't been affected at all by the inking.

She's now recovering from the procedure, meaning that she can't rub her eye or wear make-up or lashes, but insisted that the tenderness she experienced was entirely worth it.

Darcy will now be returning to Luna's Miami studio in February to have her left eye inked, as well as having her tongue split either the same day or the day after as part of her ongoing body modification.

"I'm above and beyond excited to get my left eye blacked out in February by him," she grinned.

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"Literally over the moon in excitement!

"The experience is one of a kind and absolutely mind blowing."

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