I’ve had 20 tweakments & surgeries to transform my face – I’m unrecognisable & slammed by trolls, but I don’t care | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she has had 20 tweakments and surgeries to totally transform her face.

Not only is 38-year-old Nasrin Cornfield-Smith now unrecognisable, but she has left social media users totally divided.

While some thought she looked “stunning” after her cosmetic procedures, cruel trolls weren’t so kind.

Nasrin revealed that she became hooked on filler at the age of just 18.

She explained that she has now had 20 cosmetic procedures and surgeries to transform her face and is even an aesthetic practitioner herself. 

Posting online, the surgery fan explained: “I appreciate and accept this will trigger some people, it's not my intention I know so many people struggle with low self esteem on the way they look. 

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“There are also people who don't want or agree with surgeries and non surgical treatments.

“I choose to be honest and show the truth in a world where people already feel like they can never match up to what is considered perfect as it's not real. Here is this proof.”

Pointing to each area of her face, Nasrin then said: “What I have had done to my face surgically and non-surgically.

“I think it’s important to be brutally honest and transparent about these things, in a world where the expectation of beauty standards is already set so high.

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“I’ve had a temporal brow lift, I’ve done this twice.

“I’ve had upper blepharoplasty, I’ve had lower blepharoplasty and I’ve also had canthopexy.

“I’ve had two rhinoplasties, I’ve had a surgical lip lift, I’ve also had anti-wrinkle injections in three areas.

“I’ve had cheek fillers, I’ve had chin filler and I’ve had jawline filler.

“I also have anti-wrinkle injections and I’ve had lip filler.

“I’ve also had fat transfer, in the areas that I’m pointing to as well [under eye, nasolabial folds, eyelid, forehead].” 

Nasrin shared her clip on TikTok, under the username @aestheticcliniclondon, just 23 hours ago, but it has quickly amassed 17,500 views. 

But social media users were left divided – while some were complimentary, not everyone was as kind. 

One person said: “Flawless.”

Another added: “Well you look great!!!!!” 

A third commented: “You are absolutely stunning.” 

Meanwhile, at the same time, one user wrote: “I don’t think you need to tell people you’ve had all of this, pretty obvious, sadly.”

A second chimed in: “You look fake…it’s clear you’ve had a lot of work done.” 

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Whilst someone else penned: “All that money to still look like this.” 

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