Make-up artist shows dramatic glow up & people barely recognise her

THERE is no denying the powers of a strong hair and make-up routine, but one woman has shocked the internet with how good hers is.

The woman, who goes by Krystelle Lee online shared a video of her glow-up on TikTok where it has been viewed over three million times.

Krystelle, 40, is a certified makeup artist of nine years, from the US and has been a makeup lover since her teens.

Krystelle uploaded a video showing herself make-up free in a baggy black T-shirt.

She used the latest trend on TikTok, the 'up, down pacer test' which has been used by hundreds of women on the app to show the different stages of them applying their makeup and showing off how different they look with make-up on.

In the final cut, Krystelle reveals how she looks with a full face of glam, a stunning brown wig, and a gorgeous silk top.

Viewers were impressed with Krystelle's incredible make-up skills, one wrote: "As soon as the video started, I knew she was going to be a stunner! Not disappointed."

Another user exclaimed: "I am shooketh, what a transformation."

A third user commented: "My husband had to watch this four times before he could believe it was the same person."

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