Man dubs his fiancee a ‘monster’ after seeing how she eats a baguette… and he might even call off the wedding | The Sun

A MAN has branded his wife-to-be a “monster” after he was horrified to discover the way she eats a baguette. 

And others took things one step further when they told him he should “think twice” about walking down the aisle after finding out her secret food habit.

The engaged man and his fiancee were enjoying a day out when they stopped for lunch.

The couple began to tuck into what looked like homemade French stick baguettes – but he was soon shocked to see the way in which she was devouring it.

Instead of taking small bites of both sides of the bread, the woman decided to munch directly into the top of the crust.

That way she got her fill of both the bread and a lot of the filling at the same time. 

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But he was left gobsmacked with her less than conventional way of eating – and he took to the internet to get others’ opinions.

The man snapped a picture of her half-eaten sandwich and started a thread on Reddit.

He attached the photo and added the caption: “I’m going to marry a monster who eats a baguette sandwich like this.” 

He later added in the comment section: “I’m as puzzled as you are. 

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“The crust was safely wrapped in aluminium foil, which has seen better days and stored in a side pocket for future ‘hunger moments’.”

And it wasn’t long before it sparked a full-blown debate, with some even telling him to call the wedding off. 

One person described it as “disturbing”, as another wrote: “Time to put that wedding carriage in reverse pronto!”

A second echoed their thoughts, as they commented: “More fool you then for marrying them lol.”

While a third warned: “Interesting approach, think twice.”

Meanwhile, others were quick to say they’d never seen anything like it and couldn’t see it catching on in the future.

One blasted: “That actually looks like it was attacked by an animal.”

A second added: “Simply unacceptable.”

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A third person also questioned her controversial technique, as they said: “Is she working from the inside out? 

“Or is she just planning on giving the seagulls a feast with all that uneaten crust?”

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