People are only just realising how to unlock supermarket trolley if you don't have £1 coin & it's blowing their minds | The Sun

YOU don't have to make do with a tiny basket if you don't have change to get a trolly on your supermarket trip

It turns out there's another way to free a trolley from the chains and it's blowing people's minds.

Posting on TikTok, mum-of-three Tasha shared how two 20p coins stacked together and placed into the £1 slot will also unlock a trolley.

It's all because two 20p coins are as thick as a £1 coin, tricking the trolley's lock and meaning you can go shopping without having to hunt down a pound coin.

But not everyone was convinced by the so-called hack.

One commenter said: "I tried this today at Aldi. It didn't work – I had to get me a trolley while I died of embarrassment."


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Several other Aldi customers also said that the trick doesn't work on the chain's trolleys.

One said: "I did this in Aldi and it got stuck. A bunch of people surrounded the trolley trying to get it out – they probably thought I had no brain cells."

People also questioned whether someone who didn't have a pound coin to hand would have two 20ps.

But another user said: "I used this at Morrisons. It worked a treat!"

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Meanwhile, others on the social media platform offered their alternative hacks.

One said: "Use a key or a paperclip. Tesco blue tokens work as well."

People also recommended using hair clips, corned beef keys and Euro coins.

But best of all is to make sure you have a pound coin before you go to the supermarket.

You should always return your trolley to a designated area after paying at the till.

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