Mum gets utterly rinsed for giving her son a very unique name as trolls say he'll be bullied his whole life | The Sun

A MUM left people stunned when she revealed the name of her son, and people reckon he'll be bullied for life.

The parented said her own mum hates the name, but she doesn't see the problem with it.

Posting in a popular Facebook group, the mum defended her choice.

She said: "My oldest son is named Alpha Mael (spelled Mael, means prince or chief) Armstrong.

"And my mom absolutely hates it. Not silly at all though. Different but not silly. Conveys a lot."

Other parents slammed the mum for picking the name, with many saying she didn't think about how he'd feel about it growing up.


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One quipped: "Not silly. Just unbelievably stupid."

A second wrote: "The kid will be bullied so viciously that I’m surprised they’d ever strap that on their child."

One mum said: "Oh God. I'd seriously PAY my child hundreds to name their kids anything BUT that."

Another joked: "Please tell me that the second son is named Beta."

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"This makes me want to scream wtf," someone else commented.

"It's embarrassing for him and I hope he cuts her out of his life forever when he's old enough," another wrote.

One Facebook user said: "Alpha Male! For real?! And that’s not silly? No, I suppose it’s not silly. It’s frickin’ stupid.

"Can you imagine having to grow up with that name? What is wrong with people??"

Meanwhile, someone else pointed out that it's the combination of the two names that really makes it so bad.

They said: "Mael is an old Welsh/Breton name, no problem with that. It's the Alpha which makes it questionable."

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