Mums left fuming as 'greedy' Aldi customers clear the shelves of wooden toys & sell them on to make cash for Christmas | The Sun

A FUMING mum has taken aim at those clearing the Aldi shelves of their much-loved wooden toys and then trying to sell on for a profit.

The discount supermarket's incredible range of wooden toys sells out every year because everything's so budget-friendly.

And this year's no different, with an entire toy kitchen for £34.99 and a dolls house for £39.99.

However, one mum has been left horrified after she spotted people trying to sell on the Aldi toys for a profit on sites like Vinted.

Emily took to TikTok to rage about the situation, as she began: "There are mums who have been saving their pennies for this event because they know they will be able to kit their kids out for Christmas within their own budget.

"Sadly though a lot of the shelves are empty.

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"And that's because lovely people like this are buying things and reselling them or trying to."

She then shared a screenshot of a Vinted page, where the seller was trying to flog the £8.99 wooden caterpillar cake for a staggering £30.

"If you are one of these greedy people who goes to the shop, buys something and then tries to resell it for this price, leave," Emily continued.

"Just get a grip and leave.

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"Think about people who do not have much money, okay?

"This is probably what one kid's gonna get for Christmas and that be it.

"Well, it won't be anymore because you've taken them all to sell on Vinted!"

"If you're on Vinted and you see something like this, please report it," Emily concluded.

"It needs to stop. It cannot be a thing. It cannot."

And Emily soon discovered she wasn't the only parent peeved about the situation.

"Don’t even, I’ve seen the kitchen for 60 pound !!!!?" one wrote.

As another replied: "No way I saw the same one, I've reported it".

"my daughter's autistic and all she wanted for Christmas was the Cuthbert cake, I've hunted everywhere! people like this should be bloody ashamed!!" someone else raged.

"I've also just seen on Vinted the cuthbert cake for £30 and the kitchen for £50 plus loads more," another wrote.

"Disgusting! I wish I could comment on it!"

To which Emily replied: "You can report them or drop the seller a message to tell them what you think!"

"Just got one taken downs £4.99 and up for £20! Absolute joke," someone else said.

"Hopefully no one buys it and they are stuck with it," another grumbled.

"Just come across another one of these on Vinted trying to sell for 40," someone else said.

With Emily replying: "There have a been a load but most have been reported and taken down!"

"Saw someone on Vinted selling a kitchen for double the price," another raged.

"My friend only wanted this and went to 3 Aldi’s and couldn’t get one".

"Awful!!!! Yet someone said she saw people load 5 kitchens into one trolley," Emily said.

"I saw this to makes me so sad. I feel like there should be a cap on how many of the same item you can buy," someone else insisted.

"It’s sad that people out there are so selfish to buy things only to try and make a profit," another commented.

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As someone else sighed: "It’s going to be the same again on Sunday when they have the Bluey event".

"Yes! Absolutely! People will be making their plans to resell as we speak!!" Emily said.

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