Mum stuns her family by bringing home her secret baby for Christmas – but it’s the reveal which has got everyone talking | The Sun

A WOMAN left her family stunned when she brought home her secret baby at Christmas – revealing her to her relatives who had no idea she was even pregnant.

Brilee took to TikTok to share a video of the moment she announced the news to her loved ones, which began with her showing her eldest daughter wearing a "big sister" top.

"So everyone can see Jo," Brilee said.

"And then Craig has another surprise for mum and dad."

Her other half then brought in a large box, covered in red and white wrapping paper.

"That better not be a cat," her dad exclaimed.

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"You’ve got to stand up and open it," Brilee said.

Her dad then began to open up the box, and couldn't hide the shock on his face as he saw what was inside.

"Oh my god – what is that?" he said.

"It’s a baby!" Brilee said.

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"Where did you get this from?" her mum asked, looking incredulous.

"I had her, on December 1st," she replied.

"We didn’t even know you were pregnant," her mum exclaimed.

As her dad hilariously asked: "Are you s**ting me?"

One of her other relatives could then be heard telling someone else: "It’s a baby in the box – look at it!"

"What my family thought was a pregnancy announcement was really a BABY for Christmas!" Brilee captioned her video.

But everyone in the comments section was left saying the same thing – namely about the fact she'd put the baby in a box for the big reveal.

"But how long have you been at the house with that baby in the box?!?" one wrote.

"The trust in the bottom of that box," another added.

"'A baby in a box' is my reaction exactly," a third commented.

As someone else wrote: "The whole baby in a box !?!"

Others insisted they would have been fuming if they hadn't been included in the pregnancy as Brilee's parents.

"I am a mom, if my kids ever see this, please know I would be crushed, beyond words to not be a part of the pregnancy. Crushed," one wrote.

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"I would do this but my family would never talk to me again," another added.

As a third commented: "How do people do this lol I could never keep something like this from my parents, I just love them too much."

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