People are just realizing that they’re not cleaning their kitchen sinks properly – and the build-up is disgusting | The Sun

A WOMAN has expressed shock after realizing her kitchen had never been cleaned properly.

She was dismayed to see the gag-worthy build-up under the plughole.

This Canadian lady was amazed that this household hack was a new one to her.

“Who knew?” asked Lindsay (@lindsay_miss.avas_mom), because she certainly didn't.

This post was a deviation from her normal ones.

It focussed on one outstanding kitchen chore.

“Guess I’m cleaning sinks today,” she wrote.

“Apparently I’ve been cleaning my sink wrong this entire time," she said.

It involved the entire removal of the plughole by taking out the screw at its center, a job done in an instant.

But be prepared for what lay beyond.

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Lindsay admitted she was "scared to look."

What was revealed was an unpleasant, stomach-churning build-up.

“That’s so gross,” she said.

But she admitted it had to be done. “One more thing to add to the list,” she said.

Don't be put off, though she wrote.

“It’s actually so easy.”

Responses to her post were reluctant to face the gunk but knew they had to.

“Oh lord, I’m scared to look in mine," said one woman.

Another said: “Omg, the life hacks that come with TikTok. My gosh, that’s horrible. Now I’ll do mine when I got home.”

“Wow, I never knew," admitted this follower.

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But in the concluding comment, this viewer said no way José.

“I’m just gonna buy new sinks," they confessed.

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