Prince Charles follows royal tradition wearing kilt to visit Scotland

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The Prince of Wales has often worn a traditional kilt when visiting Scotland, fully immersing himself within the communities he visits. The kilt was made with Rothesay tartan, and it was bright red coloured, with green and white tartan stripes across it, perfect for the cool weather at Scrabster Beach in Caithness. Prince Charles wore a matching coloured tie to match, with red, yellow, and green stripes to identically match the iconic Scottish clothing.

He accompanied these vibrant colours with a simple grey coloured waistcoat and blazer and also tied off the outfit with knee-length green socks and smart black shoes.

The Royal Family love Scotland, with Balmoral being one of the Queen’s favourite royal residences to live in every summer.

The family will always try to incorporate some form of Scottish dress when visiting the country in order to show respect and appreciation.

The Royal Family has its own Balmoral tartan designed by Prince Albert in 1857, however, it can only be worn with permission from the Queen.

The prince will usually wear a kilt when visiting Scotland because as well as his official title of the Prince of Wales, he is also known as the Duke of Rothesay and Baron of Renfrew in Scotland.

As the Duke of Rothesay, Prince Charles will often wear a kilt for official royal engagements to show his connection to and love for the country.

Four times a Royal Family member rocked a kilt in Scotland:

Prince Philip in 1952:

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, would also wear kilts when visiting Scotland to show his respect for the country and to honour the country of his official title.

A few months after the Queen’s coronation in 1952, photographers at Balmoral captured a family photo of the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Princess Anne.

Prince Philip was wearing a green, black, and white tartan kilt for the photograph, showing his appreciation to be in Scotland.

Prince Philip in 2006:

Prince Philip attended the 2006 Braemar Gathering in Scotland, and for this wore a simple, traditional black kilt with thin white and red stripes.

The Highland Games are one of the highlights of the royal family’s summer calendar, and Prince Philip looked delighted in the photograph ready for the games to begin.

Today, the Caithness Beach Clean Group showed Prince Charles some of the objects collected from roughly 3,500 beach cleans carried out since 2019.

Charles then planted a tree at the newly-restored House of the Northern Gate, before going on to meet volunteers on the beach.

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