Queen Elizabeth makes ‘touching nod’ to Philip – ‘like he was still with her’

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Her Majesty appeared on Buckingham Palace’s balcony to mark the end of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations last Sunday. She was joined by Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke of Cambridge, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their three children, George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Express.co.uk spoke to two fashion experts who suggested hidden meanings behind the monarch’s choice of a bright green outfit.

Her Majesty’s coat was simple but eye-catching and featured gold buttons running down the centre.

Her hat was wide-brimmed and had a black, ball-shaped, Pom Pom-like embellishment in the middle, just above the bow that ran along its rim.

The Queen’s brooch was also a bow, and silver, while her necklaces were her iconic trio of pearls.

Miranda Holder said: “The Queen looked nothing short of stunning as she waved to her public from the balcony at Buckingham Palace on Sunday, the final day of the four-day Jubilee Celebrations.

“The crowd couldn’t miss her. Her Majesty wore one of her signature bright colours of vivid green – rainbow colours being a favourite wardrobe strategy the palace often employs to ensure the crowd of thousands could easily spot their Monarch.

“Monotone colour has become a signature look for the Queen, who, herself a lover of fashion with definite opinions on what she doesn’t and doesn’t like, worked closely with her chief dresser, Angela Kelly when she first started at the Palace in the 90s to give her image a bit of an overhaul.

“The result is what we see today: head to toe monochrome colour, from the coordinated hat to the bespoke Fulton Birdcage matching umbrella.”

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Miranda went on to suggest a hidden message behind the Queen’s outfit, saying: “But Kelly’s influence doesn’t just end there, the Queen’s wardrobe is painstakingly planned months in advance, with every fine detail full of symbolism and meaning – much of which the onlooker wouldn’t initially comprehend, but which has been designed to send subtle messages to her guests, family members or her hosts – such as wearing yellow, the national colour when visiting Australia.

“This is known as diplomatic dressing.

“The Queen, who must miss the late Prince Phillip dreadfully, likes to pay tribute to her husband through carefully chosen wardrobe statements, a special Cartier brooch the couple received as a wedding gift has recently been gracing her lapel, she is often seen clutching a walking cane that belonged to Phillip, as well as wearing the dark bottle green, known as Edinburgh green which was the Prince’s livery colour at Phillip’s memorial service.”

The green the monarch wore last Sunday might not be the dark shade of Edinburgh green, but Miranda noted it could still be a nod to the late Duke.

She said: “The beautiful vibrant shade of green the Queen wore on the final day of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations was a more upbeat, but still very touching, nod to her lost love, on such a momentous occasion.

“The single black Pom Pom on the matching hat made by Rachel Trevor-Morgan was a poignant reminder that her Majesty is still very much in mourning.”

Personal stylist Samantha Harman agreed the green – and the outfit itself – could have been something to do with Philip.

She said: “It shows the psychological effect of colour – the Queen had Prince Philip by her side for most of her 70 years. By wearing green, it’s like he was still with her.

“And whilst we might not consciously register it, we see that shade of green, and somewhere in our subconscious it reminds us of Prince Philip.

“Her hat, in the same shade as the outfit and designed by Rachel Trevor-Morgan, has a black Pom Pom on the front.

“Black is traditionally the colour of mourning – Queen Victoria famously wore only black after the death of Prince Albert.

“It could be that the little black Pom Pom is a way of saying ‘this is a celebration of the past 70 years but I still miss my husband who was by my side for most of it’.

“It’s quite poignant also when you take it alongside the footage of Elizabeth and Philip shown as Ed Sheeran sang Perfect just before her balcony appearance.”

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