The best houseplants to put in your bathroom if you’ve got no windows – they also purify the air and reduce mould | The Sun

A PLANT expert has revealed the best houseplants to get for a bathroom with no windows. 

From clearing the air and beating the mould there’s a lot of benefits to having houseplants in a room which lacks sunlight.

Plant experts at @Rootgrowings shared their top list in a TikTok video online. 

They said: “I know that plenty of us have bathrooms with no windows or any kind of natural light coming in.”

“These are three houseplants that you can put in those spaces and will do just fine.”

The first plant which is ideal for a no window bathroom is the snake plant.

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The plant pro said: “An ace when it comes to surviving in low light environments.”

“Not only adding a touch of class, but also works wonders by removing toxins from the air.”

Snake plants are also brilliant to get if you are new to gardening as a whole, especially in winter they only need watering once every two weeks. 

These plants also struggle with cold environments, so the humidity in a bathroom is perfect for them. 

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Next, the spider plant. 

The plant expert says: “Remarkably adaptable and flourish in different settings, even in bathrooms devoid of natural light.”


“Plus, they're known for purifying the air by filtering out pollutants.”

Usually spider plants prefer to grow in the shade which makes them perfect for a bathroom with no windows.

Spider plants love warm humidity, and they can actually work as a natural dehumidifier which helps fight mould. 

The plant expert says: “Last but not least, the lucky bamboo, which can thrive when grown in containers filled with water.”

“This makes it well suited for the humid environment typically found in bathrooms.”

Like the spider plant, bamboo is another air purifying plant, they are also very easy to grow and in some cultures they are considered a  good luck charm.


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The plant expert advises: “Remember to keep the bathroom door open whenever possible. This allows air circulation and allows them to get any residual light from outside.”

Consider adding mirrors to your bathroom, which can help reflect any available light. And it's still beneficial to take them out for some fresh air and sunlight once a week.

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