TJ Holmes 'desires to hide' Amy Robach relationship despite freedom to date her, and there are clear clues, says expert | The Sun

TJ Holmes may be reluctant to start a new life with Amy Robach in the wake of her divorce settlement, a body language expert has said.

And she claims that it's the former GMA3 star's "stuffed in the pocket" hand gesture that reveals a dramatic change.

Recently, Amy and TJ took to the streets of New York City, looking like the perfect couple as usual.

The outing followed Amy, 50, and her ex-husband, Melrose Place actor, Andrew Shue settling their divorce agreement on Friday, March 17.

The legal cutting of ties leaves TJ and Amy – who had an affair while both married to Andrew and TJ'S Marilee Fiebig, whose divorce is yet to be settled – in a position to freely date.

But in an exclusive interview, body language expert Judi James told The U.S. Sun that TJ might not like this pressing commitment.

“TJ has this signature gesture of putting his hands in his pockets," she explains.

“The mood music has altered since his affair with Amy became known.

"In terms of the way TJ performs the gesture now, it has undergone specific changes.

"Before, TJ's hands weren't pushed so deeply into his pockets as they might be with an inner desire to hide or feelings of insecurity.

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“When TJ used to be on the GMA set with Amy and when they were probably secretly having the affair, his gesture showed suave confidence.

“This is more of a splay ritual, with his chest pushed forward and a professional smile on his face.

“Off the screen, while time has passed and the affair is exposed, TJ's hand in the pocket gesture has become more awkward.

"It looks more uncomfortable and shows he has become less about enjoying the attention and more about wanting to avoid it.

“Stuffing his hands into his pockets as he does now can be seen as a subliminal desire to hide.

"This is especially when it’s the pockets of his jean joggers – as seen on the day of Amy's divorce settlement.

"This created a more reluctant, uncertain look and a barrier which contrasts with Amy’s happy ‘announcement’ signaling.

"When we show our hands we tend to be more expressive and open with our emotions.

“When TJ keeps his hands stuffed away, it’ll also suggest a desire to avoid communication.

“There might be a desire to tread water until he feels the situation is back in his control again.

“Perhaps he has a need to think things through before using or creating more solid statements in public.

“Overall, it’s often as though TJ would feel more comfortable if he were playing his cards close to his chest.”

Amy and TJ’s affair rocked the nation when first exposed back in November.

At the time their employer, ABC News, took the co-anchors off the air and suspended them because of the alleged months-long romance.

And while Amy and TJ’s respective broadcasting careers were left hanging by a thread, their marriages fell apart with both couples splitting.

Since then despite the backlash the former GMA3: What You Need To Know co-hosts consistently went on to show the world they were meant to be.

This came through regular PDAs in places such as upstate New York, Mexico, and Miami.

“Some of TJ’s poses outside on the streets of New York City would work fine if he was photographed on his own,” says Judi.

“He’d be just a man walking along offering a slightly reluctant smile at the photographers.

“Amy’s poses only work when she has that arm and that man to cling to, suggesting she’s the one working any togetherness signals here.

“Amy usually looks pleased to show off her relationship and to prove how happy she is.

“She’s often not just holding TJ’s arm but makes their torsos pull close in an ownership snuggle, while her facial expressions reflect how cheerful this proximity has made her.

“She seems to be communicating happily with the cameras.

“TJ often signals the togetherness look can look less emphatic as he tends to have both hands shoved into his pockets.

“This could of course be a gesture prompted by a desire to keep the hands warm, but it can also look like insecurity and a subtle avoidance.”

Since November 2022, beneath their attempted public shows of love and affection, Amy and TJ, 45, have been managing their fractured careers and respective divorces.

TJ filed for divorce from his wife Marilee almost immediately after news of his affair with Amy broke.

He’d been married to the lawyer for 12 years and shared a daughter, Sabine, 10, with her.

Amy was also married to Andrew for 12 years. The couple shares no children, though Amy has two daughters from her former marriage to Tim McIntosh.

Regardless, Amy’s newfound freedom as an unmarried woman should have been a big moment for the couple after months of uncertainty and waiting.

“When two people join up formerly after a partnership splits it’s rare that they land in the same emotional place,” reveals Judi.

“They won't have the same desire to send out the same non-verbal signals to their families and friends.

“TJ’s body language over the last few months often hints at a desire to understate and even keep his head down in terms of the press

“It’s a little like the shades he wears which hide the eyes and are another expressive body part.

“He might be smiling sometimes, but his body language suggests he might be a more private person behind the wide social smiles.

“Amy looks keen to show off her joy and delight and she is a free agent now, while TJ has evolved from someone signaling relaxed confidence to more introverted traits in some of the recent posts.

“Amy, on the other hand, seems to have gone from suggestions of awkwardness to a much more openly expressive display of happiness and attachment.”

Aside from the couple's personal changes, recently the former GMA hosts have reportedly won over TV executives during meetings for a new TV show.

One source who was present at some of Amy and T.J's meetings exclusively told The U.S. Sun that the pair's "chemistry is off the charts" and "everyone loved them."

Our expert notes: “At work and even if TJ's on the red carpet, he'll likely continue to look like and act like the typically suave and confident TV presenter.

“He’s incredibly versed in looking directly into the camera, enjoying the attention.

"TJ is good at producing some one-on-one messaging down the lens and into the homes of the viewers.

“But these professional poses will differ from the natural outside shots where his shoulders are often a little hunched.

"Or where his eyes are sometimes hidden by the shades.

“Amy often looks keener to court the cameras wherever she is.

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“Whatever TJ shows on set or outside on the street, he also might not want to look overly smug or like he's the winner.

“This has been a scenario that has clearly involved more than just this couple.”

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