Woman, 25, is now raising her five siblings after they tragically lost their key worker mum to Covid before Christmas

A GRIEVING woman has revealed how she has been left to raise her five siblings after they tragically lost their key worker mum to Covid.

Vanessa Perez, 25, from Phoenix, Arizona, is now responsible for her brothers and sister who range in age from 6 to 23.

The family tragically lost their supermarket worker mum Mayra Millan at the age of 46 just before Christmas.

She became sick during the Thanksgiving period in America, with Vanessa believing that she contracted the disease while at work.

Mayra didn’t suffer from any pre-existing conditions, but Vanessa was forced to call an ambulance on December 1st when her breathing became laboured.

That was the last time that Mayra’s children were able to speak to their mum, as she was on a ventilator for her entire time in hospital.

Mayra died two weeks later on December 14 after her lung collapsed twice, leaving Vanessa, who works in a high school to carry on caring for her siblings while making arrangements for her mum’s funeral.

Speaking of her mum on Good Morning America, Vanessa said: “She was full of love and ready to just give all her love to all of us.

“She always ensured that we had exactly what we needed. We didn't always have what we wanted, but we always had what we needed.”

Vanessa, who is trying to get guardianship of her siblings, say that six-year-old Melania is struggling the most.

She continued: “I've tried to explain to her in simple terms that God took mom and we're going to see her again, but she doesn't really understand.

'It's been extremely overwhelming.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Vanessa cover her mum’s funeral costs that has raised $29,000 (£21,000) so far.

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