Woman films building 'getting further away' the closer she gets in odd optical illusion

A CONFUSED woman has shared the optical illusion that takes place in her brother's apartment with the internet.

She said a building adjacent to the apartment seems to get smaller as she moves closer to it within her brother's space.

Kelsey Deese, the poster and self-described "Costco lover" and "frequent traveler," shared the head-scratching photo on TikTok.

Sure enough, the video shows the building that takes up her brother's entire apartment window getting smaller as she walks toward it.

Meanwhile, the window seems to be getting bigger.

"This sh*t is still so trippy … why is it getting further away?" Deese asked.

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The building in question happens to be Buffalo, New York's first-ever steel-framed skyscraper, called The Dun Building, per The Buffalo News.

It was built in 1893, is 10 stories high, and has a unique shape.

It's almost a perfect rectangle, but instead of having four straight sides that connect with four 90-degree angles, one of the longer walls actually bends around to create the shape of a blunt knife point in the rear, making it a unique building.

The video of The Dun Building received 1.2 million views and left most people as confused as the poster.

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Many even made jokes about the illusion.

"There's a crew hired to moved it when someone’s walking toward or away from it," one person claimed.

"I am a professional [builder] and it is because someone is pulling it on a string," a second person added.

A third viewer said the building is simply reacting to Deese's energy.

"He just backing up to give you space," they noted.

Another accused Deese of zooming in with her phone as she walked toward the building to trick viewers, but she posted another video to explain how that's not possible.


Of course, there were much more serious comments about what could actually be behind the optical illusion.

One person blamed it on forced perspective, which is an architectural design trick that makes buildings look bigger, smaller, further away, or closer than they actually are, according to the Nashville Film Institute.

Places like Disney use this trick in their parks.

Disney even once used the design to correct an error in the Snow White Grotto.

While it's unlikely that the builders in 1893 created the skyscraper to trick people, the interesting illusion does appear to have to do with perspective.

Another viewer who seemed to be in the know said: "Your perspective is changing.

"You get more of a wide-angle meaning you can see more surrounding it when you get closer so the subject looks smaller."

Similarly, another added: "It’s all about perception.

"You can’t see the other building in between the two buildings at first, so the other building looks closer."

Even with the understanding of how perspective can change the way things appear in reality, it's still, as Deese said, quite "trippy."

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