You have 20/20 vision if you can find the frog hiding among the leaves in under 20 seconds | The Sun

YOU are likely to have developed bulging frog-like eyes by the time you have finished this optical illusion.

In this dizzying image, you have to find the frog hidden among the leaves.

But the time scale of your froggie mission has an impossibly short time of 20 seconds.

Can it be done? Or will you have given up by the time the bell strikes?

This is another classic mind-boggling task from the master.

Gergely Dudas Dudolf (@thedudolf) has a track record of producing similar scenes.

Based in Budapest, Hungary, he has created dozens of bewilderingly frustrating images, such as this one.

He isn't showing any sign of slowing down because he has enormous fun at the expense of gamers creating these colorful, humorous scenes.

This task is a incredibly frustrating exercise because this little frog is so well disguised.

It's his business to blend in to the background and he does that with ease.

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Too much ease for its searchers, who will be either scratching their heads or tearing their hair out as their quest becomes fruitless.

If you have failed and want to know the answer, we have circled the frog's location in the picture below.

For those not exhausted by this challenge, you could try a few more from the same artist.

Try and find the three pigs not wearing party hats in this task.

Or try and find the cats hiding among the tigers in this one. Good luck.

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