I forgot about fancy dress day at my daughter’s school – so I panicked and put her in Ann Summers outfit | The Sun

BEFORE having kids, people always warned us about the terrible twos and rebellious teenage year – but one aspect of motherhood we weren't prepared for was all the paperwork.

And with all the endless signing of homework diaries and school trip forms, it's pretty much a given that something is going to slip through the cracks somewhere along the line.

Unfortunately for Dionne Williams' mum, the time she happened to drop the ball was right before fancy dress day at school years ago.

But rather than sending her daughter in without a costume, she decided to get creative and opt for the next-best thing.

In a viral TikTok video that's racked up over 30,000 "likes", Dionne explained how her mum picked her up a Disney Princess costume from Ann Summers for her to wear.

Sharing a photo of herself before going into school that day, Dionne wrote: "My mam forgetting it's dress up day and sending me to primary school in an Ann Summers 'sexy Snow White' costume…"

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Along with a blue ruffled mini skirt, the adult costume had a striped bodice and came with a red hair bow.

To finish off the Disney Princess look, Dionne's mum gave her a pair of blue high heels.

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In the comments, the social media star added: "She also fake tanned just my legs.

"Bare in mind I’m a natural ginger so super pale."

Dionne shared the hilarious story in response to followers always commenting things like "I bet you used to dress up like a Disney Princess when you were younger".

Needless to say, Dionne's viewers found the video hilarious and started sharing their own school dress up day fails.

One commented: "My mum put odd shoes on me kept uniform the exact same and said I was a clown had to walk around with different shoes on all day."

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"THIS HAPPENED TO ME," another added. "I had to wear a Dorothy one from The Wizard of Oz."

A third wrote: "My nana forgot with my aunt for school dress up so got a head of cabbage stuck the leaves all over her and called her a cabbage patch doll."

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