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EASTER is just a few weeks away and if you're on the hunt for the tastiest and best chocolate eggs, there's plenty to choose from.

One of the most recognised symbols of Easter is of course the Easter egg, which has long been used in various cultures as a symbol of rebirth and renewal.

The tradition of decorating eggs dates back centuries and is still popular today, although we much prefer to eat them now.

In recent years, shoppers have also opted to go for alternatives to chocolate eggs, including teas, beauty products and much more.

With Easter Sunday falling on April 9, there's still time left to grab a sweet treat (or two) for yourself or your loved ones you'll be celebrating with.

Not sure where to start looking? Not to worry as we've rounded up some of the best Easter eggs for this year and why you should consider them for the special holiday.

Best Easter Eggs at a glance:

  • Best pink egg: Martins Chocolatier
  • Best dark chocolate egg: Chocolate Trading Co
  • Best assortment Easter egg: Lindt
  • Best white chocolate egg: Cadbury
  • Best luxury Easter egg: Hotel Chocolat

1. Best pink chocolate Easter egg: Martins Chocolatier 300g Extra Thick Giant Pink Rose Easter Egg

  • Martins Chocolatier 300g Extra Thick Giant Pink Rose Chocolate Easter Egg, £16.75 from Amazon – buy here

Looking for something luxurious on a budget? Then look no further than Martin's Chocolatier.

This giant rose pink egg is a real showstopper and weighs a mammoth 300g, providing more than enough indulgence for you to munch through over the Easter break.

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The pink rose chocolate egg is extra thick and embellished with delicious chocolate roses, and it also includes a selection of chocolate truffles.

All Martin's eggs are lovingly handmade by expert chocolatiers in the UK, using the finest Swiss chocolate. It's the perfect Easter treat.

2. Best dark chocolate egg: Oeuf Noir Superior Selection Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

  • Oeuf Noir Superior Selection Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, £15.95 from Chocolate Trading Co – buy here

Packaged elegantly in a black and white signature box, complete with wax seal and ribbon; it's not hard to see why this egg is great for gifting.

The fine dark chocolate Easter egg contains some of the brand's superior selection of dark chocolates, with unusual flavours like pistachio and creme brulee.

There are no artificial ingredients or nasty preservatives in this egg, just high-quality ingredients only.

This is another great option if you're looking for a luxe egg but you're on a strict budget.


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3. Best assortment Easter egg: Lindt LINDOR Gold Assorted Easter Egg 

  • Lindt LINDOR Gold Assorted Easter Egg, £12 from Lindt – buy here

One of the most recent easter favourites is Lindt.

Lindt's master chocolatiers create luxury, using the highest quality ingredients from around the world to produce the finest chocolates.

For Easter this year, they have created a blissful collection of Lindor Easter egg gift sets.

Inside this box lies a luxurious Swiss milk chocolate egg alongside the iconic smooth milk, decadent dark and sweet white chocolate truffle-filled mini eggs. Perfect for treating yourself, or a loved one.

4. Best white chocolate egg: Cadbury White Chocolate with Oreo Egg

  • Cadbury White Chocolate with Oreo Egg, £12 from Cadbury Gifts Direct – buy here

Oreo fans, this one is for you. If you love white chocolate and are partial to an Oreo biscuit every now and again, this combination will make your day.

The Oreo biscuit pieces in the chocolate egg add a delightful crunch to the smooth texture of the white chocolate.

When combined with the creamy white chocolate, it creates a taste that is both sweet and savoury.

The egg comes in a generously sized 449g package, making it perfect for sharing with family and friends during Easter celebrations.

5. Best luxury Easter egg: Extra Thick Rocky Road to Caramel Easter Egg

  • Extra Thick Rocky Road to Caramel Easter Egg, £30 from Hotel Chocolat – buy here

Hotel Chocolat is the home of decadent chocolate treats, so is it any wonder that year after year they continue to deliver luxe over Easter?

The Rocky Road to Caramel Extra Thick Egg is an OTT indulgence that’s sure to delight sweet-toothed chocolate fans in the family.

One side is made from solid caramel-milk chocolate and the other side is ideal if you're looking for a different texture.

You’ll appreciate the nobbly, bobbly, crispy texture, formed by puffed rice and cookie pieces, all set into a perfectly balanced 40% milk chocolate.

6. Best Easter bunny for children: Milk Chocolate Bunny Easter Model 

  • Milk Chocolate Bunny Easter Model, £7 from Thorntons – buy here

Now, it wouldn't quite be Easter without a visit from the Easter bunny himself, would it?

The milk chocolate bunny is a great alternative to traditional Easter eggs and is perfect for children and adults alike.

The bunny-shaped chocolate model is made from smooth and creamy milk chocolate that is crafted using the finest cocoa beans and fresh milk.

It's wrapped in brightly coloured foil, making it an attractive gift for loved ones.

The bunny model is also suitable for vegetarians, making it an inclusive treat that can be enjoyed by all.

7. Best free from Easter egg: NOMO Caramelised Biscuit Egg and Bar

  • NOMO Caramelised Biscuit Egg and Bar, £6 from NOMO – buy here

NOMO Caramelised Biscuit Egg and Bar is a vegan Easter treat that combines the flavours of smooth chocolate with the crunch of caramelised biscuits.

In addition to the egg-shaped chocolate, the Caramelised Biscuit Bar is also included in the package.

The bar is made from the same high-quality ingredients as the egg and is perfect for sharing.

All NOMO products are free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts, making them a great option for those with dietary restrictions.

8. Best looking Easter egg: Giant Half Milk Half Dark Egg 500g

  • Giant Half Milk Half Dark Egg 500g, £37.50 from Chococo – buy here

Looking for something to make their jaws drop before they start to eat? This wonderful addition will definitely do that.

This half-and-half chocolate Easter egg brings together the brand's signature 47% Colombia-origin milk chocolate and 72% Ecuador-origin dark chocolate into one giant egg.

Whether you're sharing or keeping this one to yourself, we're sure it'll be enjoyed.

Inside the Easter egg, you'll find a 150g selection of your favourite chocolates in assorted flavours to share.

Each egg is moulded by hand in two halves and construction is done in several stages to build up the layers of chocolate.

Then every egg is then hand-decorated by a resident artist.

9. Most unusual Easter egg: Tea Infused Chocolate Easter Egg

  • Tea Infused Chocolate Easter Egg, £19.95 from Not On The High Street – buy here

Easter egg and a cuppa anyone? Providing something unique and a little bit different to the norm, Bird & Blend are changing the game.

Bird & Blend Tea Infused Chocolate Easter Egg is a unique Easter treat that combines the flavours of high-quality chocolate with the aromatic and delicious taste of tea.

Of course, hidden inside the egg there are Earl Grey Creme tea bags, so you can brew up a matching cuppa to pair with your egg.

Each egg is wrapped in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging.

10. Best solid chocolate Easter egg: Solid Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg

  • Solid Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg, £26.99 from Yumbles – buy here

A solid egg is perfect for a real chocolate fan.

The Solid Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg is the brand's original and first solid chocolate egg, remaining a top suggestion with customers over the Easter period.

This Easter egg makes sharing with friends or family super easy, simply slip a block out and enjoy. It's also not a bad idea if you plan to have it yourself but monitor your egg intake.

This egg is three-quarters of a kilo of fine quality Belgian milk chocolate packed to reduce packaging wastage in recyclable card and rPET recyclable plastic.

When is Easter 2023?

This year Easter Sunday falls on April 9.

The Easter date changes every year as the Christian holiday is calculated by observations of the moon.

Easter Day is always on the first Sunday after the paschal full moon.

The egg is one of the most recognised symbols of Easter, representing rebirth and renewal.

In addition to eggs, other symbols of Easter include the Easter bunny, which is a popular symbol of fertility and new life.

What are the new Easter eggs for 2023?

There are plenty of new options this year for Easter, so it'd be difficult to name them all.

However, from our list, the Giant Half Milk Half Dark Egg 500g from Chococo is new to try out this year.

The extra thick pink rose chocolate egg from Martin's Chocolatier is another luxury addition to shelves this year, retailing for under £20 making it a steal.

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What is the best M&S Easter egg?

One of the fun and affordable options to come out of M&S this year is undoubtedly the M&S Drippy Dippy Egg, which retails for £6.

The Easter egg is made with milk chocolate and hand-decorated with a white and yellow chocolate drip design.

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