8 Best Blenders 2021 | The Sun UK

WHETHER you’re making an indulgent milkshake or a nutritious smoothie, the best blenders should be able to prepare your drink in no time.

We explain what to look for and reveal some of the most popular options around.

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What is a blender?

A typical blender is made up of a few parts.

The base contains a motor that will rotate the blade so it needs to be powerful, sturdy (so it doesn’t slip from your counter) and ideally not too noisy.

The top is a blender jug or cup where all your ingredients go.

This container is fitted with cutting blades that pulverise the ingredients into a fine puree once the machine is switched on, and is fitted with a removable lid.

These are best for cold drinks, although some can handle hot liquids too.

You can also get handheld blenders, which can go into a pan or a blending beaker. These are ideal for making soups, sauces and purees.

There are dozens of options around though.

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