A Peek Inside The Extravagant Life Of Mathilde Pinault, François-Henri Pinault’s Daughter

François-Henri Pinault, a 60-year-old businessman in the fashion industry, is the CEO of Kering, the holding company behind upscale labels like Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta. Three children from prior marriages belong to François-Henri. One of them, Mathilde Pinault, is a rising fashion designer of her own will. Although there is no information on Horse Rider Pinault’s net worth, the equestrian daughter of billionaire François-Henri Pinault, Mathilde Pinault, enjoys the wealth of her father, Francoise Henri Pinault, who is France’s wealthiest businessman.

François-Henri Pinault has about $25.5 billion of net worth. A French show jumper by the name of Mathilde Pinault. In London, where she currently resides, she maintains a regular practice. For the well-known clothing company Miasuki, Mathilde Pinault has also posed for photographs.She has become a famous face in the fashion world, and she most recently made headlines when she appeared in Balenciaga’s haute couture 2022 runway show wearing a full black-on-black suit. Find out more about the luxurious lifestyle of the Kering fashion heiress.

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3 Growing Up In Luxury

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François-Henri Pinault and Dorothée Lepère, his first wife, gave birth to Mathilde Pinault in France in 2001. Between 1996 and 2004, her parents had two children throughout their eight years of marriage. François her older brother, the couple’s firstborn. Her parents divorced when she was barely three years old; therefore, she had a challenging life. She started riding horses at age five, though, since it gave her comfort. After riding a Shetland pony for the first time in Le Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, Mathilde developed a passion for horses. She then began riding every weekend and competing in a variety of events. Mathilde first went to French pony contests when one of the richest heiress in the world was ten years old. Mathilde had been adept in show jumping by the time she was twelve.

She started her show jumping career at 13, competing in national competitions like the International Jumping of Bordeaux. In 2016, Mathilde began working out at Tendercapital Stables while being coached by Edouard Mathé, one of the most well-known French riders. For the competition in England, she also relocated from Paris to London. Mathilde is now working toward competing in some of the most famous circuits in the world. Mathilde has experience competing at tournaments like the Longines Masters and The Longines Global Champion Tours. She wants to take part in elite games and the Olympic Games.

2 Mathilde’s Equestrian Career And Mingling In High Fashion

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Mathilde enjoys fashion. She frequently attends Paris Fashion Week events and mingles with the high society of the industry. Mathilde recently participated in the autumn runways for Giambattista Valli and Balenciaga and the haute couture runway for Balenciaga. She said she is drawn to the influence that fashion has on culture and society. She added on the Italian Vanity Fair that she is interested in what is happening to a brand like Balenciaga and its catalytic potential. But this heiress also loves horseback riding just like the daughter of billionaire Bill Gates as what she wants to pursue. Virginie Couperie-Eiffel, a French equestrian, was her trainer.

The teenage heiress also explained to Paris Match how riding horses reduces her anxiety because it has a therapeutic component. In a YouTube interview with The Auction, she stated that her desire and objective is to become a professional equestrian one day. Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping, a show jumping competition held at the Champ de Mars in Paris, is a favorite of Mathilde Pinault. After this phase, she was given the Saint Laurent Eiffel Challenge award. This stage is a part of the Longines Global Champions Tour, the top-tier show jumping circuit. Something that would satisfy his father.

1 Her Luxurious Lifestyle And Exquisite Social Circle

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As one might anticipate, Mathilde have a prominent group of friends. According to numerous publications, she is good friends with Monaco royal Charlotte Casiraghi and fashion brand Zara heiress Marta Ortega Pérez. Horseback riding and, of course, fashion are two other interests shared by the three buddies. In addition to Kering’s exclusive private viewings, Mathilde and Casiraghi had been sighted at world horse-riding champion competitions. According to what Mathilde stated to Studforlife in 2019, the Zara heiress receives updates from Mathilde regarding her horse, Zigali. But Mathilde is also a realist who prefers to keep things simple. She spoke to Paris Match about her opulent existence and coping mechanisms.

On vacations, Mathilde frequently appears with Salma Hayek, her father’s second wife, and stepmother. Mathilde became a social media sensation and aspiring model, often posting photos of the two going shopping, traveling, and attending events together on her Instagram account. She uploaded pictures from occasions like the opening of the Paris offices of Kering and Balenciaga. Mathilde also enjoys spending time with her half-sister Valentina Paloma Pinault, a daughter of her father and Salma Hayek. Augustin James Evangelista, her second half-sibling, was created in October 2006 due to François-Henri Pinault’s prior union with supermodel Linda Evangelista. Yoga is a discipline that Mathilde Pinault does to help her concentrate on her breathing. She regularly publishes fascinating images on Instagram, where she is active.

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