Affluent Blue Train Gives Five Star South African Tour Amid Tourism Return

After nearly a year spent within our own four walls, we’re all looking for exciting destinations to get away to while still keeping safe and with South Africa reopening 20 land border crossings last week, it seems like the perfect place destination. How’s two days basking in the beauties of the Karoo Dessert sound? Blue Train – a self-proclaimed ‘window of South Africa – provides that and more.

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With a laundry list of luxury accommodations, this train ride is a once in a lifetime experience. With lowered prices due to the pandemic, it’s the perfect option for a glamorous weekend without breaking the bank.

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A palace on wheels, the infamous Blue Train is operated by one of the country’s top logistics firms, Transnet. The legendary train has a long line of incarnations dating back to the 19th century. Sparked by the influx of tourists coming to Africa in hopes of mining precious minerals, the Blue Train provides a lux weekend of the country’s most breathe spots.

Like countless other vacation getaways, the Blue Train went out of service, not having done so since World War II. But tourists were elated when the train returned in November with rates reduced so generously, even South African locals who’d never been able to afford a ticket could now embark on the amazing journey.

“I grew up knowing there was a Blue Train, it was unaffordable,” Cape-Town local, Dr. Mashiko Setshedi tells AFP, “Thanks to Covid it became possible.”

Locals may have rejoiced, but international travelers were left out of the ride. Coronavirus travel restrictions had severely affected the incoming flow of wealthy international tourists. As the world begins to open up again, those travelers are looking to come back. Now, a week into South Africa’s decision to reopen 20 land border crossings to allow normal travel, the iconic tour is seeing an even greater influx of interest.

What begins with a fast and easy COVID screening quickly shifts to a lovely appetizer lunch before beginning the adventure. As the guests enter the 19 brass lined wagons, they embark on their glamorous 1,600-kilometre trek from the country’s stunning Cape Town its sister capitol city, Pretoria.

A highlight of the trip for many guests is the visit to the Lord Milner Hotel in Matjiesfontein. There, the festivities roll on as guests are “are invited for a glass of sherry at the bar.”

The nights end with a dinner tailored for kings, where evening wear is mandatory and each five-star dish is complemented with alternating wine glasses.

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“Everything from the first morning coffee to a midnight cigar is included in the ticket price,” Ramboug recounts.

Why look at pictures of dazzling places when you could get a glimpse at them for your own eyes. Blue Train gives this posh experience a sense of top notch service and a quality price.

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