'Animal Crossing: New Horizons': All the New Festive DIY Items in Update 2.0 and How to Get Them

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is helping players get into the December holiday spirit. It’s officially Festive Season in Nintendo‘s life simulation game, and fans have likely noticed a few bright and colorful holiday decorations popping up around their islands. Tom Nook and Isabelle put up a tree at Resident Services. Timmy and Tommy completed their holiday displays at Nook’s Cranny. Now, players can add even more spirit with Festive DIYs. Here are all the Festive Season DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including new ones added in Update 2.0.

When is Festive Season in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ and what does this mean?

In real life, those who love the holiday season typically begin decorating as early as Dec. 1 or even sooner. However, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the fun doesn’t start until Dec. 15. Festive Season runs from Dec. 15 to Jan. 6, extending the celebrations a bit past the start of the new year.

During this time, no matter which hemisphere you play in, a select few cedar trees will be decorated with ornaments. When you shake these trees, some of them will drop Red, Blue, and Gold Ornaments. You’ll want to collect as many ornaments as possible in all the colors because they’re the main ingredients in Festive DIY recipes.

As Animal Crossing World notes, there are a few things to keep in mind when gathering ornaments. Firstly, the trees don’t have a limit to the number of ornaments they drop, so you’re free to keep on shaking. However, rather than spending all your time on one tree, you’re better off checking all of them a few times throughout the day.

Every Festive DIY item in ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ — including 5 new recipes

‘Tis the season for lots of crafting. Festive Season comes with 19 DIY recipes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, five of which are brand new in 2021, thanks to Update 2.0. These recipes range from Christmas trees to illuminated light displays to ornament decorations and more. There’s even wallpaper and a rug you can snag to round out the holiday decor in your home.

Here’s the complete list of Festive DIYs and their ingredients:

Festive Tree: 3 Red Ornaments, 3 Blue Ornaments, 2 Gold Ornaments, 5 Wood

Big Festive Tree: 6 Red Ornaments, 6 Blue Ornaments, 4 Gold Ornaments, 5 Wood, 5 Clay

Festive Rug: 5 Red Ornaments, 5 Blue Ornaments, 5 Gold Ornaments

Festive Top Set: 2 Gold Ornaments, 1 Wood

Ornament Tree (New): 3 Red Ornaments, 2 Blue Ornaments, 1 Gold Ornament, 3 Iron Nuggets

Ornament Wreath: 6 Blue Ornaments, 2 Gold Ornaments

Illuminated Tree: 8 Red Ornaments, 8 Blue Ornaments, 6 Gold Ornaments, 6 Iron Nuggets

Giant Ornament (New): 10 Red Ornaments

Ornament Garland (New): 2 Red Ornaments, 2 Blue Ornaments, 2 Gold Ornaments, 5 Iron Nuggets

Illuminated Snowflakes: 9 Blue Ornaments, 3 Iron Nuggets

Holiday Candle: 5 Red Ornaments, 5 Weeds

Ornament Table Lamp (New): 2 Red Ornaments, 2 Iron Nuggets

Illuminated Present: 3 Red Ornaments, 4 Gold Ornaments, 3 Iron Nuggets

Illuminated Reindeer: 6 Gold Ornaments, 5 Iron Nuggets

Jingle Wall: 5 Red Ornaments, 5 Blue Ornaments, 5 Gold Ornaments, 5 Clay

Ornament Crown (New): 3 Red Ornaments, 3 Blue Ornaments, 3 Gold Ornaments

Ornament Mobile: 1 Red Ornament, 1 Blue Ornament, 1 Gold Ornament, 4 Tree Branches

Tabletop Festive Tree: 5 Gold Ornaments, 3 Tree Branches, 2 Clay

Festive Wrapping Paper: 1 Red Ornament, 1 Blue Ornament, 1 Gold Ornament

How to get Festive DIY recipes before the season ends

Most of these recipes will fly through your island in balloons during Festive Season. Additionally, you might find animal villagers crafting them, so make sure to check in their homes every so often. If you happen to miss a recipe when the season ends, you can always time travel back to find it.

One recipe can only be acquired on Toy Day, Dec. 24, from the reindeer named Jingle. He’ll give you the Festive Wrapping Paper DIY and ask you to craft a few for him.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons and its Happy Home Paradise DLC are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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