Baby called ‘fat’ and body-shamed online – with mum forced to defend her diet

The mum of a bouncing 10-month-year-old baby has been swamped with cruel messages after posting a video of her daughter crawling on TikTok.

Jackie, the mum of little Stormi, describes the tot as "chunky" but says doctors are happy with her weight.

In response to the video of Stormi exploring the living room, a troll claimed Child Protection Services should investigate because of the baby's weight.

They said: "I've been saying for years I don't understand how moms that feed kids like this don't have CPS in their lives, it's abuse."

Another person sniped: "Perhaps stop overfeeding your child? People will ask questions.

"This is unhealthy for a baby her age. The poor thing literally has no chin."

Hitting back at the haters, Jackie makes a new video and says: "Once again, I'm explaining myself because you are all so cruel.

"Her paediatrician is satisfied with her size. She is as healthy as can be and she honestly doesn’t eat much.

"She’s just built perfect chunky. Stormi is nursed three times a day for a total of only about five ounces."

Explaining the tot's solid food intake, the mum continues: "Stormi has three small meals a day, and by small I mean like one baby yoghurt for breakfast or two strawberries, and a hard-boiled egg for lunch.

"She eats puffs or cheerios in between, in this video, I think I gave her 15… and this was right before I took her out so you see what she ate."

Luckily, other parents also had Jackie's back and said Stormi was a lovely baby.

One commented: "She is perfect! My son was the same and once he was walking it came right off. She’s a healthy normal baby."

A second said: "Trolls are gonna troll. I have a baby on the other end of the weight spectrum, and I get mean comments about his tiny size too!"

Someone else told Jackie: "Don’t stress the trolls, you are doing an amazing job and she’s happy and healthy. Keep fighting the good fight momma."

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