Bikini babe Karina Irby flaunts tummy rolls as fans praise her ‘realness’

Body-positive beach babe Karina Irby has made it her mission to embrace her curvacious figure and is helping others to love theirs too.

The Aussie influencer flaunts her ‘tummy hang’, cellulite, and booty smile in posts to her 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Karina, who owns the bikini brand Moana Bikini, has previously said that said many women speak to her about their "tummy pouches".

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To help women accept their bodies more she decided to flaunt hers to show that it's completely normal.

In her latest post, the model showed off her own rolls along with a comment from a follower hailing Karina for her ‘realness’.

The comment reads: “If there was any kind of body positivity when I was younger like there is today, I would never have had weight issues, food issues, self-worth issues.

“My body would have been an average weight and I could have had a healthy relationship with myself.

“On behalf of all struggling women out there, especially the young ones… I say THANK YOU for posts like these”.

Captioning the post, the influencer in her 20s wrote: “This is why I do what I do…

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“It’s not for followers. It’s not for likes.

“It’s to hopefully help at least one person every day and remind them that their body is beautiful!

“After decades of being brainwashed into thinking what’s 'normal' and what's 'beautiful', we have a lot of catching up to do.

“So if my posts seem repetitious sometimes (people love to complain) know that’s because we need to keep seeing REAL unfiltered content.

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“Use your vulnerability as a superpower! You could help change someone’s whole perspective just by posting one unfiltered, raw post”.

Followers were quick to jump into the comment section to also praise the influencer for her ‘realness’.

One said: “Our bodies are amazing, each and everyone.”

A second commented: “Amazing to know you’re impacting others in such a positive way!!!”

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“100%! I wish there were more ladies like you when I was growing up,” gushed a third.

A fourth claimed: “I agree with her a million percent! You are also the reason I am so much more accepting of my body and also trying to help others. I don’t think I would’ve been this accepting of my plus-size pregnancy body if it wasn’t for you”

Others simply commented a seemingly endless stream of emojis to celebrate the influencer.


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