‘Budget’ bride swaps wedding cake for Krispy Kremes and hires DJ for half a day

Weddings can be exhausting and expensive when it comes to finding a venue, food caterers, decorations and entertainment to make sure everything goes to plan.

But one woman has now been called a "budget bride" after sharing shared her money-saving ideas for the big day.

Sian Taylor, who is getting married next month, said weddings are" unnecessary" and there are a few essentials she and her partner have decided to ditch in order to save costs.

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"Wedding cakes, don't come at me," she started in the wedding. "For a three-tiered wedding cake where I live is around £400… that's without decoration.

"So I shopped around and got a six-inch wedding cake for £30 and the thing is, I never eat a wedding cake at a wedding.

"Instead we're going to have Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which comes to around £60, people can just go up and grab a doughnut."

The 24-year-old said the cake is more likely a photo-op moment and it would be better to "cut it out completely".

They have also decided to leave out buttonholes just because they "don't like them".

To further cut down on costs, Sian uses a wedding website instead of sending out RSVP cards to guests.

"We only have the DJ for the evening because our venue has an aux cable so we're creating a playlist for our day," she explained.

"We are not paying £600 extra for him to be stood there while the speeches go on."

Some people said Sian was being stingy but she defended herself, saying "it's our wedding, not yours".

"Don't hate on a wedding you're not invited to," Sian added.

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Some viewers agreed with Sian and shared their own ways to cut costs on their wedding.

One shared: "I don't have a guest book, I used Google sheets."

"I used Etsy to buy my decorations, it's so much cheaper," another added.


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