Cleaning expert shares five unusal tips to get your kitchen sparkling

I’m a cleaning expert and here are five unusual tips that will get your kitchen sparkling in no time

  • Tiktoker and ‘cleanaholic’ Laura Mountford has shared five kitchen cleaning tips
  • The TikToker used some cost-effective everyday items to tackle her kitchen 
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A cleaning whizz has shared five hacks to get your kitchen sparkling in no time. 

In a TikTok video titled: ‘Five kitchen speed cleaning hacks,’ self-proclaimed ‘cleanaholic’ Laura Mountford shared the quick and cost-effective tricks to her 318,400 followers. 

Known online for her cleaning and laundry tips, Laura didn’t disappoint with her quick kitchen tricks, and utilized some everyday items to remove dirt.  

For those with little time on their hands, Laura suggested cleaning their kitchen cupboards with a mop. 

A professional cleaner has share five quick cleaning hacks to get your kitchen sparkling – and you may have some of the suggestions already in your cupboard 

The self-titled ‘cleanaholic’ suggested moping your cupboards and cleaning your chopping board with bicarbonate soda and a lemon

In the video, Laura tackles the ‘grease and grime’ of her cabinets with a lightweight mop.  

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Secondly, using just two household ingredients, the cleaning expert left her wooden chopping board sparkling. 

Tackling the item, she sprinkled bicarbonate soda over and squeezed half a lemon on top.

She then scrubbed the bicarbonate soda into the chopping board using the remains of the lemon, rinsing the remains to reveal a freshly washed board. 

For those who want to catapult their kitchen cleaning to another level, Laura recommends buying an electric scrubber. 

Electric cleaning scrubs can be purchased on Amazon from as little as £7.69 and will leave your kitchen counters looking fresh. 

In the video, the cleaning whizz ‘deep cleans’ with the electric scrubber after pouring washing up liquid over it. 

After blending in the soap with the scrubber, Laura rinsed the sink leaving it shining.  

The TikToker poured some white vinegar into her kettle after boiling to get rid of limescale stains 

Offering a more cost-effective tip, Laura revealed that you can restore black composite sinks by ‘polishing’ them with baby oil. 

After showing a baby oil spray to the camera, the TikToker covers the sink in the oil before wiping it off with a cloth. 

Lastly, the cleaning experts advised her followers to use white vinegar to remove limescale from a kettle. 

In the video, the TikToker fills her kettle up with water and boils it, then adds a generous amount of white vinegar to the pot and leaves it to soak. 

Since it was posted, the popular video has gained over 750,000 views and thousands of likes. 

One shocked user commented: ‘Baby oil really?’ to which the creator replied: ‘Works a treat to restore black composite with watermarks.’

A second user wrote: ‘Loved this! Great tips,’ and another agreed: ‘The best hacks.’ 

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