Dakota Johnson’s New Gucci Campaign Slammed By PETA

Dakota Johnson may have made a pretty penny from her campaign with Gucci, but it may not be worth the damage to her reputation. The collaboration was recently targeted by PETA for using real snakeskin in the promotional assets.

According to TMZ, Dakota’s first move after signing on as an official ambassador with the fashion house was to star in a new commercial as well as a new photoshoot.

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Footage and photos show the actress decked out in Gucci apparel, including accessories. What’s caused controversy, however, is that several of the Gucci handbags are made with authentic reptile skin, including python and crocodile.

The campaign caught the attention of PETA, who sent a letter to Dakota’s team expressing their disapproval.

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“I’m writing regarding your ambassadorship with Gucci,” the typed letter begins. “According to the company’s website, you’ve been modeling real python and crocodile skins. The exotic skins industry is extremely cruel.”

“PETA Asia recently investigated an Indonesian slaughterhouse that supplies skins to Gucci, and the findings were horrific,” it continues.

The letter adds, “Gucci’s use of exotic skins and your promotion of its products are extremely damaging. Please, may we hear from you today that you’ll pledge to stop?”

PETA also pointed out that Dakota’s collaboration with Gucci seems out of character, given the controversy surrounding the brand and the actress’s penchant for supporting human rights causes, including BLM.

So far, Dakota hasn’t addressed the controversy surrounding the Gucci campaign.

Thee 50 Shades of Grey actress is hardly the first celebrity to be called out by PETA. In June, Drake and Jake Harlow were criticized by the animal rights group after they created a music video for “Churchill Downs” featuring horse racing.

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“Jack Harlow’s glamorized portrayal of horse racing is missing the whips, drugs, and deaths that run rampant in the industry,” PETA’s Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo said in a press release.

“Profiting from the abuse of others is never acceptable, and PETA is calling on Jack Harlow to pony up and pay for the care of American Thoroughbreds who would otherwise be shipped to foreign slaughterhouses,” she added.

Moreover, in May, Ciara and Russel Wilson were slammed by PETA for appearing to adopt a dog from a breeder rather than a rescue agency.

Ciara showed off the dog on Instagram over Mother’s Day weekend, which appeared to be a gift from her husband and kids. However, the sweet moment was shortly lived, since PETA issued a statement soon after.

“PETA is calling on the couple to Level Up on kindness by adopting a companion for this pup instead of fueling the homeless-animal crisis,” the organization stated.

They also claimed Ciara made a “One, Two Step mistake by killing a shelter dog’s chances of finding a home.”

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