Drivers warned taking hay fever tablets could risk getting arrested or £1k fine

It's officially hay fever season (sigh).

Many Brits will be crying and sneezing as the pollen count in the UK is high.

Often to ease the pain, sufferers can enjoy regular sex sessions to curb awful symptoms.

Or most people will just take antihistamines to help with their allergies.

Now RAC has warned hay fever sufferers in the UK that they could be arrested for being behind the wheel after taking medication.

It's because the tablets come with possible side effects, like drowsiness, nausea and blurred vision which is dangerous while driving.

The drugs are perfectly legal to take, but it's not when you're unfit to drive.

It's always worth checking the packaging for any information on whether the antihistamine is suitable for consumption while driving.

RAC claims that the side-effects could "make you more likely to have an accident".

The company said: "If you do cause a crash, you could end up with a criminal record.

"The police can ask you to do a 'field impairment assessment' and take a roadside drugalyser test.

"If they think you're not fit to drive, you'll be arrested and could be prosecuted."

It added: "A conviction for drug-driving carries a minimum one-year driving ban and an unlimited fine.

"In extreme cases, you could receive a six-month jail sentence.

"Always check the label of any medication you take before getting behind the wheel.

"If in doubt, ask your pharmacist if it could affect your ability to drive.

"Some remedies are covered by the same drug-driving laws as cocaine and cannabis."

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Meanwhile a motoring expert at Peter Vardy said driving with symptoms of hay fever could land you a £1,000 fine.

Craig Forbes added: "Drivers must take responsibility for assessing their own fitness to drive when experiencing symptoms.

"If your eyes are extremely watery and you feel unwell, your driving could be impaired.

"You may wish to consider alternative travel in order to avoid a fine."

The Highway Code states "failure to have proper control of the vehicle and a full view of the road" can be punishable by a fine.

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