Emmerdale’s Caleb theories in full including ‘real’ identity, revenge plan and impostor twist

Emmerdale fans will know it’s all a bit dramatic right now. After newcomer Caleb Miligan arrived on the scene – the secret son of Faith Dingle and brother to Cain and Chas – they’ve had their doubts about who the character really is.

In a recent episode, he was seen making a phone call to a mystery character about a plan to take down a male character.

While at first it was thought to be Cain – who has always had a bad boy reputation – viewers were later left wondering if Caleb was actually out to get someone else after he sporadically went into business with Kim Tate.

In the eps since, Caleb has made it clear that it’s villain Kim and Home Farm he’s after, which has led some fans to believe that’s why he’s trying to get her partner Will Taylor on side.

Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson recently teased on Loose Women last month that Caleb was harbouring a huge secret, but viewers would have to wait until all was revealed.

“I can tell you he’s not an undercover cop,” she said.

“There is a secret about Caleb and viewers have not yet guessed it. I've been reading all the theories about who he is like, not that one, not that one."

So, as all theories are fair game at the minute, we thought we’d round up some of the most popular ones circulating the internet. From revenge plans to secret relatives to fake identities, take your pick from the list of predictions…

Caleb and Nicky’s ‘real’ link revealed

Some Emmerdale stans think that Caleb's secret life could be to do with another new character, Home Farm’s nanny, Nicky.

Nicky arrived on the scene not long ago after applying for the job with Gabby Thomas and Kim Tate.

Since landing the role, he’s sweet talked them both – especially Gabby. However, fans are now convinced that it’s no coincidence that Nicky and Caleb arrived at the same time.

Plus, his employment at Home Farm has led to them wondering whether he’s helping Caleb.

Could Nicky be Caleb’s secret son? Or could they be siblings who have teamed up to take Kim down together?

Is Caleb an imposter?

A second theory that’s been doing the rounds claims that Caleb isn’t actually the brother of Cain and Chas.

Some fans have a sneaking suspicion that Caleb isn’t who he says he is, and that for some reason, he’s posing as their sibling as part of his plan.

Not to mention the wilder subsidiary theory that Caleb actually died, and this is someone else pretending to be him.

If this is true, the real question is, what reason would he take on his identity?

He’s actually a Tate

Probably more far-fetched than the rest, but there’s always got to be one ‘out there’ theory, right?

There have been some rumours flying around that Caleb isn’t working to take the Tate’s down – he’s actually a member of their family.

Fans are questioning why he would work so hard to get on Kim’s good side, plus is the reason he wants Home Farm because he feels it belongs to him?

Emmerdale lifers will know that Home Farm belonged to the Tates for a long time, so Caleb could be a blood relative of Frank, Chris or Zoe? And is he there to claim back what’s theirs?

Does he have a Cain revenge plan?

This was the first fan theory that made the most sense to viewers. But of course, as the storyline has progressed, many other hypotheses have come into play.

Could Caleb still be angry with Cain Dingle for sending him away after first meeting as teens all those years ago? Cain had no idea his brother existed until he came looking for him, to which he told him their mother, Faith, was dead.

Of course, that was a lie and Cain’s actions caused Caleb to continue to grow up in care.

So, when Caleb appeared to be hiding something from his brother after his desperate attempt to connect with him in the present day, fans were left wondering whether he’s really looking to take revenge.

Have Jamie or Joe returned?

Some fans think Caleb is working with someone else to take revenge on Kim.

Two Tate characters, who have since left the show, have been suggested by theorists.

Jamie Tate – who fans think Caleb could be helping was one person who came up.

Next up is Joe Tate, the son of Chris, who Kim ordered to be killed a few years back. This death caused Joe to leave the village, which has led fans to believe that Joe and Caleb have teamed up to finally take down Kim.

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