Experts warn against viral skincare hack using common sex item: lubricant

How far would you go to achieve a perfectly flawless finish with your make-up?

Many of you use primer to even your complexion and keep your make-up in place. But the perfect base coat may be lying in your underwear drawer if the claims made by several TikTok creators are to be believed.

A bizarre theory that lubricant – usually used to make sex more pleasurable – doubles as an effective primer has earned millions of views on the social media platform.

If the claims are to be believed, lube gives skin a silky smooth texture and is the ideal sticky base to help make-up, rather than sex, last longer.

Many review videos have appeared online, as make-up lovers and beauty junkies rushed to test out the “hack” for themselves.

However, skin experts have been quick to poo-poo the hack.

Sydney dermatologist Dr Shreya Andric told you should “stay away” from the viral trend.

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“Most lubes contain silicones and oil-based products that can be very occlusive on the skin, resulting in clogged pores, breakouts and skin irritation,” she said.

“Many skin primers these days contain active ingredients that are good for the skin such as antioxidants and sunscreen, which lube is obviously lacking.”

Is a primer necessary?

Beauty experts advise that a primer is a must. It ensures your foundation glides on more readily, lasts longer and looks fresher. With silicones (to smooth the skin) and light-reflective pigments (to “blur” the appearance of fine lines), a makeup primer is particularly important for drier, more mature complexions.

NZ Herald beauty experts recommend:

Guerlain Meterorites Perles Light Diffusing Perfecting Prime.

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.

Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Good Morning Primer.

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