Fed-up neighbour begs woman to dump ‘whiny’ and loud boyfriend in savage note

Many of us have felt stifled during lockdown.

And for some couples who have been working, eating and sleeping together all day, arguments have become more frequent.

It’s not just bad news for turbulent relationships either – as it’s started to have an impact on neighbours too.

Local residents, who are believed to be in New York, USA, were so sick of a feuding couple that they decided to leave them a brutally honest note.

The letter, which advises them to “break up already”, reads: “Dear neighbours in 9s. Girl, do everyone a favour and dump him.

“We don’t need to be woken up at 2am because he can’t be an adult and hold his s*** together.”

It continues: “Not one more time woken up by slamming doors, stomping feet, and the worst part – hearing his whiney ass voice yell ‘what the f***’.

“You were right to hit him with an ironing board two years ago.

“Your new dog deserves better. Just BREAK. UP. ALREADY.

“Please allows us to go at least one month without being woken up in the middle of the night.

“Thank you.”

A picture of the note went viral on Reddit, where it garnered more than 1,300 comments.

One responder remarked: “My old neighbours were much the same. He was tool, she was a fool. Always fighting.”

Another said: “I had a neighbour like this once. But I think she did break up with them, new guys came in, it was quiet for a while, and then it began again.

“They did, of course, also have very loud sex.”

And a third joked: “When her boyfriend sees this, he's gonna be like "what the f***”.

While many agreed with the neighbour’s note, others pointed out that hitting someone with an ironing board isn’t acceptable.

A commenter remarked: “It’s never right to hit someone with an ironing board… Walk away. Straight to anger management!”

Another said: “I’m more concerned that this neighbour is supportive of someone being hit with an ironing board.”

And a third argued: “She hit him with an ironing board 2 years ago and they are still together?

“That is a toxic relationship if it was already that bad that long ago.”

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