How Gen Z TikTok users are 'discovering' electrolysis

How Gen Z TikTok users are ‘discovering’ electrolysis and sharing rave reviews – 150 years after the hair removal treatment was first invented

  • Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal technique using electric current
  • Trained electrologist puts thin wire into hair follicle and current destroys root 
  • It has been ‘discovered’ by Gen Z TikTok users, 150 years after its invention 

Gen Z TikTok users are raving over electrolysis after ‘discovering’ the 150-year-old hair removal method on the video-sharing app.

Electrolysis, developed in 1875 as a method to remove ingrown hairs, is a technique where electrical current is applied directly into the hair follicles with a thin wire.

Although used for decades, it has been enjoying a steady increase in popularity on TikTok, Refinery29 reported, with users in the US and UK praising the permanent and relatively fuss-free results.  

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Electrolysis technicians have also been dispensing advice and documenting the practice online, pictured

It has received particular support from transgender people wanting to remove excess hair, and people with PCOS, which also causes excessive hair growth. 

One posted: ‘I want electrolysis so bad.’

‘This is so helpful, omg as I have PCOS and suffer from this. The hair grow every week. I wish you could do more vids on PCOS,’ one wrote. 

‘Omg electrolysis is something I really badly want! How much hair on face can you get done in general in one session,’ another asked.  

People have shared the amazing before, left and after, right, of their electrolysis treatment on Tiktok 

Electrolysis requires a needle to penetrate the skin in order to ‘zap’ the hair with electricity, pictured 

‘Hell yeah!! I ‘ve gotten it all off of my chin and cheeks, now all that’s left is my neck,’ said one person who had gone through with the treatment. 

Electrolysis, the only permanent hair removal method approved by the FDA in the US, is different from laser because it uses electricity rather than light. 

Laser removal works by emitting a light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair and damages it, causing slower regrowth or, in some cases, a permanent stoppage.  

However, laser removal is not completely permanent, and some hair may grow back. 

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Excited TikTok users have been raving about electrolysis after people shared videos of their treatments online 

In contrast electrolysis targets the root of the follicle, causing existing hair to fall out and preventing regrowth. 

However electrolysis is a painstaking process because it requires targeting individual hair, making laser better for larger areas of hair, like the legs. 

It is also considered more painful than laser, although local anesthetics can be applied if needed. 

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