‘I earned £190k in two years with nothing but my feet – men love my saucy snaps’

The world of online foot fetishes has been growing rapidly in recent years.

Nowadays kinky people will happily splash the cash on pictures of feet.

One person who's earning the big bucks from her toes is Chrissy Sweet.

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She pocketed an incredible £190,000 in just two years by selling pictures on popular platform, Fun With Feet.

Now speaking to Daily Star, Chrissy revealed how she started her saucy venture.

The influencer turned to the job during Covid where her job in a bar and hairdresser wasn't earning her a lot of money.

She said: "There was a reduction in everyone's shifts, mine included, so I felt like I had to look elsewhere.

"I knew that OnlyFans was becoming more popular and other girls were making great money on there.

"But I didn't feel comfortable showing it all – not even my face at that time.

"That's when I started to explore other options and came across Fun With Feet!"

Now Chrissy does all sorts with her feet, from rubbing oil and lotion, to crushing and stepping on food.

Recently she had one kinky client ask her to crush baked beans.

She detailed: "At first I didn't think they were serious, until they sent through $250 (£194). The money is amazing."

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Chrissy started with the app as she wanted to carve out her niche.

She started with a varied collection to gauge what her clients would be interested in.

The first set of images were straight-forward, then she started taking more to show the shape of her feet and skin.

Next she began taking shots of her feet wearing different kids of footwear, from ballet flats to high heels.

"It allowed me to tap into the creative side of the fetish," she admitted.

"Customers started requesting specific colours or even matching their own nail designs."

Although she didn't have high expectations, Chrissy was overwhelmed by the response.

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Now three years on from her venture, she's earned over $200,000 (£190,000) and is doing it full-time.

But when it comes to requests, there's one thing she'd never do.

Chrissy admitted: "Anything to do with getting fully nude, I don't do.

"In my time I've had requests of peeing on my feet. Also, anything involving harmful objects I will outright refuse."

As for the kinkiest request, it was when one client asked her to walk through a wedding cake barefoot.

She concluded: "It was definitely unique and somewhat bizarre, but it was also quite fun in its own way.

"So I did it, and the customer was thrilled. Of course, they had to pay for the cake as part of the expenses."

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