‘I hated being called world’s hottest gran but now embrace it – I’m privileged’

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    Gina Stewart is commonly known as the "world's hottest grandma" all thanks to her age-defying looks.

    However, the 52-year-old gran-of-three wasn't sure about her title to begin with – and even found it "ridiculous" at first.

    The blonde bombshell, from Australia, is no stranger to having hoards of men slide into her Instagram comment section to gush over her beauty.

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    But, even still, Gina doesn't think she's even that 'hot'.

    The confident – but modest – gran exclusively revealed to Daily Star her unfiltered thoughts around being recognised for her youthful appearance.

    She explained: "Having the 'world's hottest grandma title' I feel makes me look up myself as if it’s self proclaimed.

    "Funny enough it was a title that was bestowed upon me by the world press and four years ago a competition was run by the press with other competing grandmothers and I was voted the worlds hottest by the public.

    "It’s pretty ridiculous actually.

    "It’s now a title I never wanted and is mentioned in every publication that has now stuck with me and so I named one of my back up social media accounts the worlds hottest grandma."

    At the age of just 19, Gina had her first child and is now the mum of an eight-year-old girl.

    Also a grandma, she realises the privilege of being one – and the "world's hottest" at that.

    "But as time passed I feel like it’s a privilege to be a grandma and I love my three grandchildren and four children very much", she explained.

    "Being named the 'world's hottest' has certainly garnered me with lots of attention and helped me create a platform to help inspire others as I now try to do through my health tips and tricks.

    "At first I did not want to be called the worlds hottest grandma as I did not want to be placed in a box and stereotyped.

    "I felt like someone like Kris Jenner should be the world's hottest grandma.

    "I’m a pretty down to earth kind of girl being a Virgo so I don’t consider myself even hot."

    Despite Gina's original caution over the lucrative nickname, she has now learnt to embrace it.

    The title has brought plenty of opportunities – like being 'approached' by Playboy.

    The sizzling hot grandparent shared: "I now respect the title and believe there is always a reason behind everything as I’m a bit spiritual, so maybe there is something I have to achieve with the title.

    "Ultimately I want to be known as someone who has inspired in some way no matter how big or small, just to make a difference I guess deep down I’m a humanitarian.

    "I think I’m a woman who is a realist and like any woman look at myself in the mirror and see flaws, I never understood why men would find me attractive or beautiful.

    Bravely, Gina noted that a period of her life from her youth was detrimental to her growth after being stuck in an "abusive" relationship.

    She reflected: "I think it’s because unknown to many people I was in a very bad abusive relationship for 10 years when I was younger and this affected my self confidence and self esteem.

    "I could actually write a book on how bad it was that might help other woman in similar situations.

    "I’m still actually healing."


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