Shoppers are loving Lakeland's NEW electric heated poncho

‘Winter sorted!’: Lakeland’s new wearable HEATED poncho keeps shoppers ‘nice and cosy’ in cold temperatures

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With energy bills reaching new heights, getting extra warmth from heated blankets, pads and footwarmers could be a savvy alternative to cranking up your heating. 

As part of the Spend Smart, Live Well campaign, Lakeland has launched a new Electric Heated Poncho designed to keep you cosy and warm, minus the hefty bill.

Cosy, safe and energy efficient, the machine washable heated poncho has nine heat and nine timer settings so you can customise your preferred warmth. 

Unlike heated blankets, the poncho is designed to fasten snuggly around you so you can go about your business with it secured. 

The fastening details allow you to secure the electric poncho in place so you can stay warm whatever you’re doing 

Cosy, safe and energy efficient, the machine washable heated poncho has nine heat settings, and unlike heated blankets, is designed to fasten snuggly around you. 

In short, it’s just the thing if you want to keep warm all day in your home or just don’t want another row about the central heating every evening.

Cost of living is biting big chunks out of many of our household budgets, but sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference and Lakeland’s latest launch is here to help. 

The new Lakeland Grey Electric Heated Poncho is one way to keep yourself warm without heating the whole house. 

More than 1,240 discerning shoppers have viewed the new product in the last 24 hours, largely thanks to the clever poncho design which allows you to fasten it in place.

Ideal for those looking for ways to cut costs this winter, the Lakeland Grey Electric Heated Poncho is set to be a hugely popular buy. 

While electric blankets aren’t new, the clever poncho design sets it apart from the rest. While throws and blankets can be a bit of a struggle to keep in place around your shoulders, this one’s designed to sit there, with fasteners to hold it in place.

Made from a super soft flannel fleece, it looks like it could keep you warm even turned off but the nine heat settings and nine-time settings mean you can customise your preferred warmth and comfort.

Made from a super soft flannel fleece, the electrically heated poncho has poppers that fasten around you, keeping you warm and snug 

You don’t have to worry about it overheating as it comes with overheating protection plus, the controls are easily detachable, so you can throw your poncho straight in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

On Lakeland’s website, users praise the ‘clever design’ of Grey Electric Heated Poncho, sharing how the ‘whole poncho is heated throughout, not just in certain areas as some other ponchos seem to be. Winter sorted!’.

One impressed called it a ‘fabulous product’, writing: ‘It’s got fantastic length on the body so you do feel warm & the heat isn’t escaping out of the back or the front. The arm length is perfect not too long that they’re in the way you can still do things.

‘The remote control is very easy to work it has good heat & timer options the electrical lead is relatively long enough. It’s lovely to use without the heat on to stay warm & I’ve used this everyday instead of putting my heating on unnecessarily.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Very pleased to be nice and cosy at my desk while WFH without having to keep the heating on!’. 

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